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3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with CTA Membrane Replacements

Compatible Membranes and Filters Only

3 Stage CTA Membrane Reverse Osmosis System Replacements
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Product Code: RO3-CTA
  • 3 Stage Standard Reverse Osmosis System with CTA Membrane
  • If you have a 3 stage reverse osmosis system that uses a CTA membrane, we have compatible replacements.
  • Our standard replacement filters are approximately 10" x 2.5". You should confirm that your filter housings will hold a 10" x 2.5" filter.
  • A standard membrane housing holds an 11.75" to 12" inch membrane. Confirm you membrane housing will hold the membrane. If your membrane housing is not standard, you can replace it with the standard MH09-1812WH Membrane Housing.
  • If you need a complete Reverse Osmosis System, see Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • Reverse osmosis systems have a flow restrictor in them. The flow rate of the restrictor must match the membrane flow rate (gallons per day). Choosing the membrane with the correct gallons per day is important. You will find the gallons per day of your membrane on the actual membrane itself or consult your user's manual. For more about flow restrictors see flow restrictors.
  • For more information see RO Systems: What They Are & What They Do.
  • Manufacturer: RO3-CTA
  • 3 Stage Standard Reverse Osmosis System with CTA Membrane Replacement Filters and Membrane:
  • Stage 1: P5-10-WF. The 1st stage filter should be replaced approximately every 6 months.
  • Stage 2: EP5-10-WF. The 2nd stage filter should be replaced approximately every year.
  • Stage 3: CTA-10 10 gallons per day or CTA-16, 16 gallons per day. The Membrane should be replaced approximately every 2 years. Look at your owner's manual or current membrane to determine the gallons per day.
  • Stage 4 (Optional but recommended): Measure the diameter of the water line to find the correct filter. (Hold a ruler over the width of the water line to get the diameter.) Choose from the 2 types of fittings, quick connect or female pipe thread fittings.
    Quick Connect Fitting (QCF): Built in fittings. Simply push the clean cut water line directly into both ends of filter.
    K2333-JJ 1/4" Quick Connect Fitting
    K2333-KK 3/8" Quick Connect Fitting.
    Female Pipe Thread Fitting (FPT): You must have male pipe thread fittings on your water line to use these filters. To use, screw the end of the filter onto the male fitting currently on your water line. If you don't have fittings on your water line, choose the Quick Connect Fitting Filter above.
    CL6ROT33-B 1/4" Female Pipe Thread Fittings
    CL6ROT33-C 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Fittings
    For more information on fittings, see the video: How to Use Quick Connect Fittings.

    These filters can be purchased below.