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360 Degree Service

At WaterFilters.NET, we believe in Servant Leadership. We believe that we all serve the customer, and this requires that we also serve everyone we interact with internally and externally. More specifically, we serve three groups of people. We serve:

Excellence in Customer Service at WaterFilters.NET

(1) You, our customer We will do whatever we can possibly do to make your purchase a wonderful experience. We make the ordering process simple and convenient. We ship over 98% of our orders on the same or next business day. We offer savings and free shipping options. Our water quality experts will help you find the water filter you need.

Teamwork and Positivity from the Servant Leaders at WaterFilters.NET

(2) Our coworkers
The WaterFilters.NET org chart has all of our associates reporting to our customers. Our management team supports all associates to make sure they can succeed, grow, and prosper.

Access to Clean, Safe Drinking Water from the Servant Leaders at WaterFilters.NET

(3) Those in need. We make a tremendous effort to truly make a difference in the world. This includes helping those in need. We participate in various charities. Among these efforts, we donate money and raise money to help bring pure drinking water to those that would otherwise never have access to it. We are blessed with so much, and we are glad that we can give back.

Our team at WaterFilters.NET has nearly ten years of experience in delivering affordable quality water to our rapidly growing customer base. Expanding our focus to accessible drinking water to inhabitants across the globe is a natural next step for us. Organized around core values that include excellence, integrity and continuous improvement, every member of the WaterFilters.NET team has been trained not only to sell a product, but to serve the greater good of clean water for all.

“We call it 360-degree service,” says CEO Jamin Arvig. “We exist as a business to serve our customer. We fulfill our mission as an organization by serving the larger world.”