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Accustar AS-003 Radon in Water Test Kit

Prepaid Postage to send in water sample for radon testing

Accustar AS-003 Radon in Water Test Kit
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Product Code: ACCUSTAR-AS-003
Retail Price: $58.79
  • Accustar AS-003 Radon in Water Test Kit:
  • Radon in water may contribute to the level of Radon in your air.
  • Testing the Radon level in your water is recommended if you have a private well.
  • This kit includes a specialized water sample collection vial, instructions, and laboratory analysis. First Class postage is provided.
  • The postage is prepaid to send your water sample in for radon testing.
  • Manufacturer: Accustar AS-003
  • AS-003 Radon in Water Test Instructions:
  • Remove any aeration devices or faucet filters from the tap. Run the cold water until fresh water is being drawn from the well. It may take as long as 10 minutes to clear the system. Water that has been sitting in a holding tank or the pipes does not contain as much Radon as fresh well water.
  • Slowly fill a bowl or deep pan with the spigot underwater if possible. Minimize aeration and splashing.
  • Submerge the vial and the cap open side up until they fill with water. While the vial and cap are under water, screw the cap back on tightly.
  • Lift vial out of the water and turn it upside down and check for air bubbles. If there is a bubble or an air space, repeat the process.
  • Fill out enclosed data sheet and mail sample to the lab immediately.

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