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Amana WF401S Refrigerator Water Filter

Amana WF401S Refrigerator Water Filters and Amana WF401 Water Filter
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Product Code: WF401S
  • Amana WF401S Refrigerator Refrigerator Filter:
  • The Amana Clean and Clear WF401S refrigerator water filter produces cleaner and better tasting drinking and cooking water.
  • The Amana WF401 water filters reduce chlorine taste and odor as well as sediment.
  • The Amana WF401S refrigerator filter has a simple Twist-on and Twist-off design for easy water filter replacement.
  • Manufacturer: Amana WF401S
  • Refrigerators that use the Amana WF401S Refrigerator Filter:
  • Fits most Amana and Kenmore 596 Series Refrigerators
  • AMA-SXS Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator Water Filters compatible with the Amana WF401S Water Filter:
  • Amana 12527301 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527302 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527303 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527304 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527305 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527307 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527309 Water Filter
  • Amana 12527504 Water Filter
  • Amana 12388401 Water Filter
  • Amana 12388402 Water Filter
  • Amana 12388406 Water Filter
  • Amana 12388407 Water Filter
  • Amana 12319801 Water Filter
  • Amana 67003634 Water Filter
  • Amana WF30 Water Filter
  • Amana WF40 Water Filter
  • Amana WF401 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 9014 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 9904 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 469014 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 469904 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 46-9014 Water Filter
  • Kenmore 46-9904 Water Filter
  • Sears 04609014000 Water Filter
  • Sears 04609904000 Water Filter
  • Amana WF401 Filter Replacement Information:
  • The Amana water filter WF401S has a filter life of up to 6 months.
  • The Amana WF-401 water filter should be replaced sooner if you notice tastes and odors returning to the water, the water pressure is greatly decreasing, or the filter monitor light on the refrigerator has turned red.

This product has been discontinued
The Amana WF401S refrigerator water filter has been replaced by the Amana 12527304 Clean and Clear Refrigerator Filter. Purchase the Amana 12527304 filter below.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
Amana 12527304 Clean and Clear Refrigerator Filter Amana 12527304 Clean and Clear Refrigerator Filter
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