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Supco WF282 Refrigerator Water Filter (GSWF Compatible)

compatible with the GE GSWF, Kenmore Sears 9914 and more

Aqua Fresh WF282 Refrigerator Water Filters and AquaFresh WF282 Replacement Filter
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Product Code: SUPCO-WF282
  • Supco WF282 Refrigerator Water Filter:
  • The Supco WF282 can replace the GE/Hotpoint GSWF and the Kenmore Sears 9914, 46-9914.
  • The Supco WF282 Refrigerator Filter is designed to meet or exceed the OEM filter that it replaces.
  • Each Supco water filter is 100% pressure tested in the OEM receiver that the filter is designed to fit.
  • The Supco WF282 filters reduce Class I particulates down to 0.52 microns.
  • The Supco WF282 retains the fluoride in drinking water for good health.
  • The Supco WF282 should be replaced every 6 months depending on your water quality and usage.
  • The Supco WF-282 water filter should be flushed for a few minutes before using to remove any loose carbon fines.
  • Supco WF282 Refrigerator Water Filters remove the following contaminants:
  • Lead: 99.30% at pH 6.5
  • Lead: 99.90% at pH 8.5
  • Mercury: 94.50% at pH 6.5
  • Mercury: 96.60% at pH 8.5
  • Asbestos: 99.92%
  • Benzene: 89.60%
  • P-Dichlorobenzene: 99.90%
  • Cysts: 99.99%
  • Carbofuran: 98.70%
  • Chlorine: 97.00%
  • Turbidity: 99.10%
  • Particulates (Class I): 97.60%
  • Supco WF282 Filter Specs:
  • Flow Rate: .5 GPM
  • Temperature Range: 33 - 100 F
  • Pressure Range: 30 - 120 psig
  • Capacity: 750 Gallons or 6 months
  • Manufacturer: Supco WF282
  • Supco WF282 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filters can be used in place of the following filters:
  • General Electric GSWF Water Filter
  • Kenmore (Sears) 46-9914 Water Filter
  • Kenmore (Sears) 9914 Water Filter
  • Kenmore (Sears) 469914 Water Filter
  • Kenmore (Sears) 04609914000 Water Filter
  • Supco WF282 Water Filters fit in these General Electric models:
  • GE GTH22 series (3 + models)
  • GE GTS18 series (31 + models)
  • GE GTS22 series (6 + Models)
  • GE PDS20 series (35 + models)
  • GE PDS22 series (55 + models)
  • GE PTS22 series (22 + models)
  • GE PTS25 series (20 + models)
  • Supco WF282 Refrigerator Replacement Water Filter Instructions:
  • To replace filter: Open the plastic filter cover and let it swing down so you can access the filter.
  • Twist the old filter one-half turn counterclockwise and pull down. The water will automatically shut off.
  • Discard old filter. Push the new filter in place gently until it stops.
  • Turn one-half turn clockwise until it stops. Close plastic cover.
  • Dispense 1 to 2 gallons of water from dispenser to fill the filter and clear the system.
  • Reset the "Change Filter" light, if your refrigerator has one. Press and hold the "reset water filter" button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.

This product has been discontinued
The WF282 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Purchase the original GE GSWF replacement refrigerator water filter available below.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
GE GSWF Refrigerator Water Filter GE GSWF Refrigerator Water Filter
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