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AquaFresh WF287 Replacement Filter (GE MWF Compatible)

Replaces GE GWF, GE MWF and more. Adapter only needed if replacing GE FXRC or GE FXRT

AquaFresh WF287 Refrigerator Replacement GE GWF Water Filter
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Product Code: AQUAFRESH-WF287
  • AquaFresh WF287 Refrigerator Replacement Water Filter:
  • The AquaFresh WF287 Refrigerator Water Filter delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great.
  • The AquaFresh WF-287 is a replacement filter for GE MWF and GE GWF and other refrigerator filters.
  • The Aqua Fresh WF287 Refrigerator Filter is designed to meet or exceed the OEM filter that it replaces.
  • Each AquaFresh water filter is 100% pressure tested in the OEM receiver that the filter is designed to fit.
  • The Aqua Fresh WF 287 water filter should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/ or after the filter.
  • The Ultimate Series AquaFresh WF287 filters reduce Class I particulates down to 0.52 microns.
  • The AquaFresh WF287 retains the flouride in drinking water.
  • The GE Adapter below is only needed if replacing the Culligan FXRC or Culligan FXRT. The adapter is installed with the AquaFresh WF287 filter for the Culligan FXRC and Culligan FXRT. The adapter is reusable on future filter changes.
  • Ultimate Series Aqua Fresh WF287 Replacement Water Filters reduce the following contaminants:
  • Lead: 99.3%
  • Mercury: 94.7%
  • Asbestos: 99.92%
  • Benzene: 96.51%
  • 1, 4 Dichlorobenzene: 99.78%
  • 2, 4-D: 98.32%
  • Alachlor: 99.34%
  • Cysts: 99.99%
  • Carbofuran: 98.78%
  • Chlorine: 97.00%
  • Turbidity: 99.10%
  • Particulates (Class I): 97.60%
  • Lindane: 99%
  • Atrazine: 94.22%
  • Aqua Fresh WF287 Filter Specs:
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon Block
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Flow Rate: .5 GPM @ 60 psi
  • Temp Range: 33 - 100 F
  • Pressure Range: 30 - 120 psig
  • Capacity: 300 Gallons
  • Manufacturer: MWF Replacement WF287
  • Aqua Fresh WF287 Refrigerator Filters can be used to replace:
  • GE MWF Refrigerator Filters
  • GE GWF Refrigerator Filters
  • GE GWFA Refrigerator Filters
  • GE MWFA Refrigerator Filters
  • GE GWF01 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE GWF06 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE WR02X11020 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE WR02X11287 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE WR02X11290 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE WR2M3552 Refrigerator Filters
  • GE WR97X10006 Refrigerator Filters
  • Hotpoint HWF Refrigerator Filters
  • Hotpoint HWFA Refrigerator Filters
  • Hotpoint MWF Refrigerator Filters
  • Hotpoint MWFA Refrigerator Filters
  • Sears Kenmore 9905 Refrigerator Filters
  • Sears Kenmore 46-9005 Refrigerator Filters
  • Sears Kenmore 00469005 Refrigerator Filters
  • If adapter is present WF287 will also replace: Culligan FXRC, FXRT, HXRT.
  • Ultimate Series Aqua Fresh WF287 Refrigerator Replacement Water Filter Instructions:
  • Twist the old filter one half turn counterclockwise and pull down. The water will automatically shut off.
  • Discard old filter. Fill the new filter with water (from your faucet). It is very important to fill the filter with water from the tap before installing the filter in the refrigerator.
  • Push the new filter up into the filter receiver in the refrigerator until it stops.
  • Twist the new filter one half turn clockwise.
  • Reset the "Change Filter" light, if your refrigerator has one. Press and hold the "reset water filter" button for 3 seconds.
  • Flush Filter: 2 to 3 gallons of water through filter to fill filter and remove air. Flow will sputter until filter is full.

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3 - 5 $39.89
6+ $38.79
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