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C100 Aquagate Water Controller

1" FPT; 15' Foot Cord

Water Controller Aquagate  C100 Whole House Leak Detector
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Product Code: AQUAGATE-C100
Retail Price: $334.79
  • AquaGate C100 Leak Controller Information:
  • The AquaGate C100 is a specialized, affordable water alarm and shut-off system that is your first line of defense against water damage.
  • The AquaGate C-100 is a leak controller for appliances, water softeners, commercial water systems, hot water heaters, restaurants, convenience stores, commercial RO systems and water stores.
  • The C100 Aquagate Water Controllers feature ultra-sensitive water sensors. Up to 4 sensors can be directly connected to the control panel. Unlimited sensors may be “daisy-chained” together for increased coverage and protection in multiple areas.
  • The AquaGate C100 Leak Controller will engage the shut-off valve and sound the alarm upon sensing moisture. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak, while the alarm continues to sound until the valve is manually reset. By preventing continuous water flow, mold and property damage is restricted and user liability is reduced.
  • The Aqua Gate C-100 Leak Controller features LeakLogic RISC based management which is state of the art microchip technology for sensitive controls, operation verification and long battery life.
  • The C100 Aquagate Water Controller package includes: 1 main AquaGate controller module, a 15 foot sensor cable, 4 “AA” size alkaline batteries, a 1” motorized ball valve with 2 wire connectors and 1 Sensor mount with adhesive backing to secure sensor wiring.
  • AquaGate C100 Leak Controller Specs:
  • Size: 6.75” (h) x 3.25” (w) x .5” (d)
  • System operating range: 40º F to 100º F
  • Water operating range: 36º F to 180º F
  • Power: 4 x “AA” Alkaline Batteries or optional 220/110 AC to 9V DC converter
  • Valve: 1” - 1.5” Full Port Brass Ball Valve, 5V DC
  • Alarm: 85+dB at 5’ @ 3.4± 0.5 kHz pulsing alarm
  • LED: Blue, Green, Red
  • Mounting: Accessories supplied for wall mounting
  • Sensor: Electromechanical dual probe with series connectors
  • Water Detection Sensitivity: Down to 2 ppm TDS(total dissolved solids)
  • Pressure Rating: 0-180 p.s.i.
  • Manufacturer: Aquagate C100

The C100 is also known by the following part numbers:

  • C100
  • AquaGate C100 Leak Controller Instructions:
  • AquaGate Informational Video
  • Keep chemicals, acids, and organic solvents away from the controller and sensor.
  • The sensors cannot have anything placed on top of them.
  • Since the controller is in constant contact with your water supply, the maximum life expectancy of the controller is ten years. Although you may achieve longer use of the controller depending on the quality of your water source, we recommend that you do not exceed this time period.
  • Do not install the AquaGate valve ahead or upstream (in front of) a fire sprinkler system. This violates municipal code.
  • To attach the valve to the plumbing supply line have a professional licensed plumber install the threaded ball valve to the copper piping.
  • We recommend that you have a shut off valve upstream of the AquaGate. Close this valve prior to installation.
  • The preferred installation of the AquaGate C100 would include the use of unions before and after the valve. All soldering of connectors should be done prior to the valve being connected, as heat from soldering can damage the seals of the valve and invalidate the warranty.
  • Mount the controller box on a clean, flat wall surface that is within 10’ of the valve.
  • Attach with the #8 mounting screws (included). Confirm that the box is secure and all wiring to the valve, sensors, power and external interface is secure.
  • Placing the sensor is a very important part of the installation. The sensor is the heart of the controller, and if water doesn’t touch the sensor it will not activate. Also, it is extremely important that the metal side of the sensor always remains facing down after the installation.
  • To connect the sensor to the circuit board, gently push the female connector at the end of the sensor cable onto any one of the 2 pin gold male connectors marked “sensor” on the circuit board.
  • You can place the sensor on an absorbent material such as an ordinary paper towel to increase the detection of small leaks.
  • Additional sensors may be added to your system.
  • Please note that for the sensors to work, the leak does not have to enter the slots on top of the sensors. This may happen, but the sensors also detect surface moisture via the sensor probes on the bottom of the sensor.
  • In the event that the sensors detect a leak, the controller will close the valve to the red position, and sound an alarm.

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1 - 2 $249.99
3 - 5 $242.49
6+ $234.99
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