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Complaints Over 'Musty' Water In St. Cloud and Minneapolis

Date Created:4/10/2007

St. Cloud residents have been complaining about the quality and taste of their water this spring.

The water has a strange taste and smell. Residents complain that the water has a musty or chemical taste and odor. The poor taste is a result of tannic acid from decaying leaves and bark in the water. City officials claim the problem arose because there was not enough water movement in the Sauk and Mississippi water sheds until the recent rains, which flushed out the chemicals.

Generally, Chlorine is the chemical used to treat this problem. Taste and Odor filters such as the GAC-BB water filter can also help minimize the problem. The GAC-BB filter should be installed in a whole house system such as the HD-950 whole house system.

Minneapolis residents have been making similar complaints this spring, according to radio reports in the area.

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