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Culligan IN-1 Inline Water Filter

Culligan IN-1 Inline Refrigerator Water Filter with quick-connect fittings that reduces lead in drinking water
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Product Code: CULLIGAN-IN-1
  • Culligan IN-1 Refrigerator Filter:
  • The Culligan IN-1 reduces lead and Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, and bad taste and odor from drinking water
  • Refrigerator water filters produce cleaner, better-tasting ice cubes and beverages
  • Works great as an inline refrigerator filter for water dispensers and ice makers
  • Manufacturer: Culligan IN-1
  • Culligan IN-1 Replacement Filter fits these models:
  • The Culligan IN-1 refrigerator water filter is a disposable inline refrigerator filter.
  • Refrigerator filter life of up to six months
  • Purchase the Culligan IN-1 filter to replace an existing Culligan IN-1 inline filter
  • Culligan IN-1 Inline Filter Installation Information:
  • The Culligan IN-1 refrigerator inline filter fits directly inline with the water pipe to the refrigerator.
  • Quick-connect fittings included for convenient refrigerator filter replacement without turning off the water supply.
  • Mounting bracket included for hassle-free installation of the Culligan IN-1 filter. Purchase additional IC-MB inline mounting brackets for the IN-1.
  • Installation instructions included.

This item has been discontinued
Culligan has discontinued the IN-1 filter and replaced the IN-1 filter with newer technology. The Culligan IC-EZ-3 inline filter system has replaced the Culligan IN-1 system. The Culligan IC-EZ-3 has different fittings and will completely replace the Culligan IN-1.
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