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SB-1R Water Bottle Replacement Filter (2-Pack)

Branded under Culligan, Innova, Waterway

Culligan SB-1R Water Bottle Replacement Filter for the Culligan SB-2 water bottle, the Culligan SB-3 sport bottle, and Waterway water bottles
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Product Code: WATERWAY-SB-1R-2-2-PACK
(Two Filters)
  • Culligan SB-1R Water Bottle Filter:
  • The SB-1R filter & cap unit can be placed in any standard water or soft drink bottle of similar neck size ranging from 16 oz. through 2 liters. Fits standard size 28mm neck water bottles.
  • Quick and refreshing filtered water on-the-go
  • The SB-1R water filter is a compact design for Culligan water bottles and Innova Waterway water bottles
  • Fits the Waterway 16 oz. P.E.T. water bottle.
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Reduces bad taste and odor
  • The SB-1R quickly filters your water for pure, healthy water on-the-go or while working out.
  • Great sport bottle for a hockey water bottle, football water bottle, soccer water bottle, hiking water bottle, biking water bottle, or baseketball water bottle
  • The filter elements may be sanitized by boiling them in water.
  • The water bottle filter passes the rigorous testing required by NSF International for chlorine taste and odor reduction under Standard 42. This filter is certified by NSF as Class 1 (the highest rating).
  • Manufacturer: Waterway SB-1R-2
  • Culligan SB-1R Water Bottle and Sport Bottle Replacement Filter:
  • Water bottle filter life of 24 gallons depending on your water quality
  • Quick and easy replacement of the SB1R water bottle filter cartridge in the Waterway 16 oz. PET water bottle.
  • Purchase a twin-pack of replacement water bottle filter cartridges
  • Purchase a six-pack of replacement water bottle filter cartridges and SAVE!
  • Culligan SB-1R Replacement Filter Instructions:
  • Run two water bottles full of water through the SB-1R water bottle filter before use.
  • An inexpensive Bottle Cap with a short ring and a short shoulder will not work with the SB-1R Filter and is shown in the first bottle in the picture below. Look for a Bottle Cap with an elongated ring as shown in the second bottle in the picture.
    Innova water bottle
  • Bottles with continuous threads in a spiral pattern with no break in the thread and a very shallow collar ring that seats on the shoulder (an example is the Refreshe bottle that is marketed by the Safeway stores) will not work with the SB-1R Filter. See Picture Below.
    Innova water bottle
  • Bottles that can be used with the SB-1R Filter have a thread design that is usually split. See picture below.
    Innova water bottle
  • Also, you must remove the plastic collar ring from the shoulder of the Bottle to expose a longer neck which will now accommodate the filter as shown in the pictures below.
    Innova water bottle
    Innova water bottle

This item has been discontinued