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Culligan US-EZ Under Sink Filter Video

Welcome to the Culligan US-EZ Under Sink Filter Video Page. The Culligan US-EZ filter system produces healthy, better-tasting drinking and cooking water. Designed for under sink installation, the RC-EZ replacement cartridge has a twist-on, twist-off design to make filter changes truly easy. The Culligan US-EZ is NSF certified.

Culligan US-EZ Under Sink Filter Video Transcript

Now I have the Culligan US-EZ1 here in front of me and Iíll explain how this system will receive a couple of other cartridges from the US-EZ line. Why donít we start by looking at whatís inside the box. The Culligan US-EZ1 is a drinking water system thatís designed for under sink installation. Letís pull this off here; there are some basic things, looks like weíre going to leave these behind. Weíve got some water line, and it looks like a fitting designed to tap into the cold water line so you can supply water to the system. And like I was saying, this was designed to go underneath your sink and supply water to this dedicated drinking water faucet. We have this faucet base here and the neck of the faucet, and these just simply attach together like so, this comes down, there we go we have our faucet. Now the nice thing about the US-EZ series is that this valve head assembly is a quick change valve assembly. In other words, this filter cartridge is self- contained, thereís no housing or anything like that. This cartridge simply screws up into the underside of this valve head. This entire system utilizes what are called, quick connect fittings. This is not really new technology but itís newer than the old school compression fitting technology. Itís a system where you simply take a naked water line and stab it into the fitting with no special attachments, just a naked water line; the fitting is integrated. Itís hard to see here Iím sure, but thereís an integrated fitting for the in and for the out, and you literally just stab the water line in and it stays. And itís a really easy technology to use so you donít need special tools. Thatís probably why they called it the EZ series, because itís easy. You simply attach this valve head to the side of the cabinet with screws, and then screw the cartridge up inside, and thatís it. Water in, water out to your faucet, and youíve got clean filtered water. Now the nice thing about the US-EZ series, there are three cartridges available. Thereís the level one, then thereís level three and thereís level four, and Iíve got those cartridges here today. The level three is going to look a lot like the level one cartridge as you can see, but it is rated for more contaminants to be removed from the water. So, depending on what youíre looking for, the level one will give you just real basic chlorine taste and odor. If youíre just looking for water to be better tasting, then level one is all you need. But if youíre looking for some more specific contaminants to be removed, then the level three is rated for chlorine, of course, but then thereís lead, microorganisms, atrazine and lindane, which are pesticides and herbicides, and thatís not going to be something youíll remove with the level one cartridge. Then, taking it a step further, they have the level four cartridge. Obviously, this is much beefier but amazingly the system up here is designed to still fit into the same valve head, so you can upgrade. You can buy the level one set-up and if something changed with your water and you needed higher contaminant removal, or if you just bought the level one just so you could get into the system and then decided later, Ďyou know I really want more contaminant removal from my system,í you can upgrade to the level four cartridge. Now obviously thereís a great deal more media in here so youíre getting more contact time. The waterís having more contact time with the media and youíre getting better overall contaminant removal. Included in this one, in addition to the lead and microorganisms which were already on the level three, youíre also getting heavy metal removal of mercury, and VOCís; thatís volatile organic compounds. And there are literally dozens and dozens of different chemical combinations that are considered VOCís. And then also chloramines. Now chloramines are interesting; municipalities use chlorine to kill microorganisms. In some parts of the country now theyíre unable to kill all the microorganisms with chlorine alone, so they add ammonia and when ammonia and chlorine combine, the by-product is chloramine. And it is a very nasty, highly cancer causing chemical that you do not want to drink. And so, itís likely that if you have chloramines in your water supply, youíve been notified by your local municipality because they are required to let you know that by law. So thatíll remove chloramines and also will remove MTBEís, which is methyl tertiary butyl ether. Itís a by-product of fuel production. So if youíre living on well water somewhere where there is an oil refinery or where theyíre otherwise making fuel, thereís a possibility that the ground water is getting contaminated with some MTBEís. Of course, this is something you can test for and know for sure, and then youíre going to want the better quality filter like this level four filter. What a slick system, buy the level one filter, get yourself into the system with all the equipment, and then later on if you decide you need higher levels of contaminant removal you can upgrade. Slick little system, easy to use. Thatís why they call it the US-EZ series.

See detailed specifications and purchase the US-EZ-4 here.

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See detailed specifications and purchase the US-EZ-1 here.

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