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DS-38MC Drain Saddle for RO Systems

3/8" Male Compression; Black

DS-38MC Drain Saddle Connector for Reverse Osmosis Systems
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Product Code: TIER1-DS-38MC
Retail Price: $9.99
  • DS-38MC Drain Saddle:
  • The DS-14MC 3/8" male compression drain saddle connects the reverse osmosis system drain tube to the sink's drain pipe.
  • 3/8" drain saddles are typically used in conjunction with optional air gap faucet.
  • The drain saddle comes with two screws.
  • Manufacturer: Tier1 DS-38MC
  • DS-38MC Drain Saddle:
  • Hand tighten the 3/8" compression nut on the drain saddle, then turn 1/4 turn with a wrench. Do not overtighten!

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1 - 2 $6.29
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6+ $5.89
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