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Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter Video

Welcome to the Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter Video Page. The Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter is a very high quality ceramic multi-stage water filter system. This unit is perfect for renters or those who want the convenience of portability without sacrificing contaminant removal. Most countertop systems are inexpensive low end systems designed to perform basic level filtration without much concern for high level dangerous contaminants. The Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter utilizes a combination of ceramic, carbon and deionization resin to remove a very long list of high level contaminants. This is as good as it gets without moving into an RO system which is a much larger system requiring significantly more maintenance. NSF certified to both standard 42 and the more stringent standard 53, the Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter is truly a high end countertop water filter system. Ceramic water filters have the added benefit of being washable and reusable, making them very long lasting. Furthermore, ceramic filters down to 0.5 microns, small enough to capture many microorganisms.

Doulton Countertop UltraCarb Water Filter Video Transcript:

Hey everyone Aquaman here with Water Wisdom, sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Todayís product is the Doulton W9331032, Countertop filter system. Now, those of you that have been looking for a countertop system, you may be discouraged because thereís a lot of units out there available for that application but many of them are well, to be kind, less than wonderful quality. That is not going to be a problem with the Doulton product that I have in front of me here today. Doultonís a company thatís been around over fifty years and they make really high quality equipment. Itís made from 100% BPA free, non leeching plastic. The entire system is NSF standard 42 certified, thatís for materials, and also the more stringent NSF standard 53, which, uh, relates to health related claims because the system claims to remove microorganisms, heavy metal, VOCís, pesticides, herbicides, and a very long list of contaminants. For all the details check out the product specific page at www.WaterFiliters.NET for the W9331032.

So, this unit attaches to your faucet using this diverter valve, which is then turned on and off to supply water to the system and then the water obviously comes out of this spigot to supply whatever you are filling. Um, faucets vary, dramatically; there was a day when all faucets had the same type and size of threads, uh, that doesnít happen anymore. There are many different thread types on faucets, so they send these adapters with but itís not a 100% mortal lock that you are going to get the right adapter with the system that fits. Thereís a good chance of it but thereís a slim chance you have to purchase a separate adapter for your faucet to attach to this diverter valve. So, be prepared for that, just in case that happens.

This is the cartridge that goes inside of the system. This is an UltraCarb ceramic cartridge. Itís a three stage filter. The outer layer is a ceramic, a very tight porosity, .02 microns ceramic. Itís also silver impregnated, silver is antibacterial, and so bacteria and microorganisms cannot live and grow on this media. The nice thing about ceramic is that itís washable. Periodically you can remove the filter and take a green Scotchbrite and clean it off and rinse it underwater, clean it off and put it back in and use it further. The second stage of filtration inside the ceramic is a little layer of activated carbon. Now carbon removes a variety of contaminants and also makes your water taste great. And then in the center of all of that is a layer of de-ionizing resin, and thatís going to remove the heavy metals and some of the more high level contaminants that are not captured by the ceramic or the carbon. But what you are looking at here is an extremely high quality, very, very good filter. I dare you to find a countertop system that removes as many contaminants without going to a reverse osmosis system, and the problem with RO systems for countertops are many; theyíre big, theyíre bulky, and itís a much more complicated form of filtration. Itís necessary in some situations but if you donít have to go there, this system is going to remove nearly as many contaminants. Itís a very high end filter system.

So I want to install this filter for you and show you just how easy this is, itís really nothing to it. Remove the sump, you can see the o ring here and then the cartridge itself has threads and an o ring that screw into the base. Just very quickly attach the filter and you donít want to over tighten it. And I can feel the O ring squeaking there and then the sump and hand tight only and weíre in business. Connect it to the faucet, turn the diverter valve on or off and send water through the system for extremely pure and very good tasting water. The Doulton W9331032 is an excellent countertop system for the money and I would highly recommend you check it out and get one at WaterFilters.NET, if you are looking for a countertop system. Iím your host Aquaman and thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the Doulton Countertop system here.

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