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Doulton W9223022 Imperial Ultra Carb Video

Doulton W9223022 Imperial Ultra Carb Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today weíre looking at the Doulton W9223022. This is an Imperial Ultra Carb ceramic element designed for industry standard size filter housings. You see, itís approximately 10 inches in length and 2 Ĺ inches in diameter, which means itís going to fit into a vast selection of industry standard size drinking water housings, like for example the popular Culligan HF-360. Now, this element is open on both ends but it does have a flow restrictor on each end, but that wonít affect anything for you because you are going to be using this in a drinking water housing and not in a whole house application anyway, so the lower flow rate wonít matter. Now, as I indicated, it is an Imperial Ultra Carb, which means it features Doultonís standard ceramic technology with imbedded silver, which is superior to silver impregnating because Doultonís unique technology keeps the silver imbedded in the ceramic and does not allow it to escape and get into your drinking water. And, you donít want the silver in your drinking water, but you do want it in the cartridge because it causes the filter to be self-sterilizing and bacteriostatic so that microorganisms cannot live and grow on this media. Now, the ceramic is very dense, giving 0.9 micron absolute filtration, which will give you 99.99% reduction of microbial cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia, and the same level of protection for pathogenic bacteria like salmonella, e coli, and cholera. Now, inside of the ceramic shell is a carbon block core, and of course, activated carbon removes a long list of organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as a variety of VOCís, which are volatile organic compounds. And, of course, it removes chlorine taste and odor and generally improves the palatability of your water. Then imbedded in the carbon block core is an ion exchange resin. This is designed specifically to reduce lead. So the filter is NSF Standard 53 certified for the reduction of lead and microorganisms and NSF Standard 42 for materials, which means itís BPA free and wonít leach things into your drinking water. Now, determining filter life is difficult because it depends on which part of the filter youíre depending on, which kinds of contaminants are you trying to remove. You see, the carbon core will be exhausted in about 600 gallons, long before the ceramic outer shell is exhausted. In fact the ceramic outer shell will certainly last several thousand gallons, and can be washed and reused many many times. Simply remove it from the filter housing, and under running water scrub it gently with a green Scotchbrite until it returns to itsí original creamy white color, then reinstall and youíre back in business. But if youíre depending on chlorine taste and odor reduction, lead reduction, VOC reduction; things that are captured by the carbon, youíll need to replace the cartridge at approximately 600 gallons. But if youíre just simply removing sediment and hoping to capture microbial cysts then the ceramic shell will last and last and last and I canít really give you a definitive number because it depends on how harsh you are during the cleaning process. Again, this is the Doulton W9223022, an Imperial Ultra Carb ceramic element designed for industry standard size filter housings, and Iím your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the Doulton W9223022 here.