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Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Refrigerator Water Filter

Replaces the Electrolux FC300 Refrigerator Water Filter

EWF01 Electrolux Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges for better tasting water
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Product Code: EWF01
  • Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Refrigerator Water Filter Details:
  • The Electrolux Pure Advantage Water Filter provides clean and clear water and ice for your refrigerator at all times.
  • The EWF01 cartridge is tested and certified to ANSI/NSF standards 42 and 53.
  • The Electrolux EWF01 is also known as the Electrolux FC300.
  • The Pure Advantage EWF01 refrigerator filter fits all branded Electrolux fridges, except for Electrolux Icon side by side models. It does however, fit into the Electrolux Icon french door models.
  • Electrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Filter Contaminant Removal:
  • Cysts Reduction 99.99%
  • Turbidity Reduction 97.80%
  • Aesthic Chlorine Reduction 97.40%
  • Lead Reduction 99.30%
  • Mercury Reduction 96.60%
  • Alachlor Reduction 97.30%
  • Atrazine Reduction 94.60%
  • Lindane Reduction 98.90%
  • Toxaohene Reduction 93.20%
  • 2,4D Reduction 99.96%
  • Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Refrigerator Filter Specs:
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • Capacity: 400 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 psi
  • Maximum Temperature: 100° Fahrenheit
  • Manufacturer: Electrolux EWF01

The EWF01 is also known by the following part numbers:

  • EWF01, 218732216, 218732316, 241932301, 241988703, ELUXCOMBO, EWF2CB02, FC-300, FC300, PS2369689

Installation Instructions:

  1. Turn off the icemaker (using the power switch)
  2. Press the button just below the filter to release it
  3. Slide the old filter straight out and discard (don't worry, the water will shut off automatically)
  4. Push the new filter straight in until it 'clicks' into place
  5. Turn the ice maker back on
  6. Reset your 'change filter' light

Resetting your 'change filter' indicator:

  1. Press and hold the Filter Status button (on the dispenser) for 3 seconds - until the display changes from 'Replace' to 'Good'

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3 - 5 $53.49
6+ $51.99
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