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Everpure EC110 Replacement Filter Cartridge EV9534-12

10 Micron, Alternate Part #'s EV953412; EV953440

Everpure EC110 Prefilter Cartridge EV9534-12
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Product Code: EC110
  • Everpure EC110 Prefilter Cartridge EV9534-12 Features:
  • The Everpure EC-110 Prefilter cartridge is for the E-10 Housing and fits most 10" drop-in housings.
  • The Everpure EC110 replacement filter features 10 Micron sediment filtration.
  • The Everpure EC110 EV953412 filters out larger dirt and rust particles which extends the life of primary filter cartridges.
  • The tightly spun EC110 sediment cartridge delivers 10 micron nominal filtration.
  • The durable slim bowl design makes cartridge change outs easy to handle.
  • The EC110 filter can be used for all foodservice applications requiring prefiltration and for use in high sediment areas.
  • Clear housing lets you visually inspect trapped particles and makes determining when to change the cartridge easy.
  • Everpure EC110 EV9534-12 Water Filter Specs:
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.8" x 2.5"
  • Manufacturer: Everpure EC110
  • Everpure EC-110 Replacement Filter Cartridge:
  • Replace the Everpure EC110 Filter Cartridge when dirt has penetrated through to the inner core of the cartridge.
  • Everpure EC110 Water Filter Instructions:
  • Inspect O-ring during each cartridge change. Lubricate and/or replace if necessary.
  • Inspect EC110 cartridge periodically to determine dirt load.

This product is no longer available
We do not sell the Everpure EC110 filter. Instead of this filter purchase the Pentek PD-10-934 sediment filter.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
Pentek PD-10-934 Sediment Water Filter (Sold Individually) Pentek PD-10-934 Sediment Water Filter (Sold Individually)
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