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Everpure EC210 Replacement Filter Cartridge EV9534-26

10 Micron, Alternate Part #'s EV953426; EV953420

Everpure EC210 Prefilter Cartridge EV9534-26
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Product Code: EC210
  • Everpure EC210 Prefilter Cartridge EV9534-26 Features:
  • The Everpure EC-210 Prefilter cartridge is for the E-20 Housing and fits most 20" drop-in housings.
  • The Everpure EC210 replacement filter features 10 Micron sediment filtration.
  • The Everpure EC210 EV953426 filters out larger dirt and rust particles which extends the life of primary filter cartridges.
  • The tightly spun EC210 sediment cartridge delivers 10 micron nominal filtration.
  • The durable slim bowl design makes cartridge change outs easy to handle.
  • The EC210 filter can be used for all foodservice applications requiring prefiltration and for use in high sediment areas.
  • Clear housing lets you visually inspect trapped particles and makes determining when to change the cartridge easy.
  • Everpure EC210 EV9534-26 Water Filter Specs:
  • Overall Dimensions: 20" x 2.5"
  • Manufacturer: Everpure EC210
  • Everpure EC-210 Replacement Filter Cartridge:
  • Replace the Everpure EC210 Filter Cartridge when dirt has penetrated through to the inner core of the cartridge.
  • Everpure EC210 Water Filter Instructions:
  • Inspect O-ring during each cartridge change. Lubricate and/or replace if necessary.
  • Inspect EC210 cartridge periodically to determine dirt load.

This product is no longer available
We do not sell the Everpure EC210 filter. Instead of this filter purchase the compatible Pentek PD-10-20 sediment filter.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
Pentek PD-10-20 Sediment Water Filters (Sold Individually) Pentek PD-10-20 Sediment Water Filters (Sold Individually)
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