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GE Desal HWS 4040 Durtherm RO Membrane

2200 Gallons Per Day; 4" x 40"; Part # 1228459; Hot Water Sanitization

GE Desal HWS 4040 Durtherm RO Membrane
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Product Code: DESAL-HWS-4040-DUR
Retail Price: $797.39
  • GE Duratherm HWS 4040 Membrane Element:
  • Duratherm HWS elements are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide consistent, reliable performance under extreme operating parameters, withstanding periodic exposure to temperatures as high as 90C for cleaning and chemical-free sanitization while operating below 50C.
  • GE Osmonics Duratherm high temperature water sanitization is an effective and cost-efficient solution for many HWS RO Industry Applications including: Dialysis, Pharmaceuticals/Food/Cosmetics /Drinking Water and Power/Semi conductor/Sensitive Water.
  • In numerous pure water applications, GE Osmonics Duratherm Hot Water Sanitization is utilized to ensure consistent product quality, bacteria-free packaging and membrane system performance.
  • Duratherm Hot Water Sanitization also offers additional advantages as compared to biocide options, including: No membrane damage, sanitization of the permeate side of the membrane, easy direct access or easy to produce, killing bacteria, preventing bio-fouling development, non-toxic, no permit required to store or handle chemical, no disposal costs and comparatively inexpensive.
  • GE Desal Duratherm HWS 4040 Specs:
  • 2200 Gallons Per Day
  • Dimensions: 4" W X 40" L
  • Membrane: Thin Film Membrane
  • Typical Operating Pressure: 200 psig
  • Maximum Pressure: 600 psig
  • Maximum Temperature: 122F (50C)
  • Chlorine Tolerance: 500 ppm-hrs, dechlorination recommended
  • Recommended pH (operating below 50C): 2.0 - 10.0
  • Recommended pH (operating above 50C): N/A
  • Recomended pH (cleaning below 50C): 2.0 - 11.5
  • Maximum Pressure Drop: 15 psig per element; 60 psig per vessel
  • Feed NTU: <1
  • Feed SDI: <3
  • Average Rejection: 99%
  • Typical Operating Flux: 10-20 GFD (15-35) L.H-1.M-2
  • Manufacturer: Desal 1228459
  • Part #'s also associated with GE Desal HWS 4040 Duratherm:
  • Desal Part # 1228459

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