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GE MWF Fridge Filter Video

Welcome to the GE MWF Fridge Filter Video Page. The replacement GE SmartWater MWF water filter is a new and better design than the now obsolete GE GWF filter. The GE MWF fridge filter produces cleaner, better tasting drinking and cooking water by reducing chlorine taste and odor, sediment, 99% of Cysts, Lead, Asbestos, Alachlor, Lindane, and P-Dichlorobenzene, Atrazine, Turbidity, 2,4-D, Toxaphene, Carbofuran, Benzene and Mercury. The MWF does not remove Fluoride.

The Adapter is ONLY needed when replacing the GE FXRC, GE FXRT, GE MXRC, GE HXRT, GE WR97X10006, or Kenmore 46-9905. The GE Adapter is reusable. You only need to install it in your refrigerator once. The total height of the GE MWF Refrigerator Filter plus the Adapter is about 1 inch taller. Please make sure you have enough room for the GE MWF refrigerator water filter plus Adapter. The Aquafresh WF287 refrigerator filter is a compatible filter for the GE MWF. It is the same size as the GE MWF and designed to the same specifications. The Aquafresh WF287 also works with the adapter to replace the GE Culligan FXRC and GE Culligan FXRT filters.

GE MWF Fridge Filter Video Transcript

Hey everyone; Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Todayís product is the GE MWF. Now, the MWF is a refrigerator filter and, for those of you who donít know, just about every fridge manufactured in this day and age has a built in internal fridge filter for either the water that comes out of the front dispenser or the water thatís going to the icemaker. So, check your fridge, a lot of folks donít realize they have a fridge filter that needs replaced, and when they discover it theyíve been drinking water thatís been going through a really gross filter for 2 or 3 years. You donít want that to be you.

The MWF is commonly used in GE Hotpoint refrigerators, though there are some other refrigerators that it is also used in. Iím not going to get into those details here because, frankly, itís a little bit complicated. Iím going to direct you to the website WaterFilters.NET. Go to the MWF page and there is a great deal of information about compatibility and the filters that this one replaces, and the fridges that are commonly going to use the MWF. Take your time, read through it, thereís a lot of information there, but its rock solid information. If you look there and find that information, youíre going to find what you need to know about what filter you need. Now, one quick piece of information, Iím holding in my hand an adapter. There are some situations where the MWF requires the use of an adapter. These are on fridges that used to use a different filter and GE discontinued that filter and replaced it with the MWF and then it also requires the adapter. Itís not necessary in all situations so again, reference the web site and check out our good information there. So, thatís the adapter.

The MWF needs to be replaced approximately every 6 months. That depends on your water quality and how much water youíre actually using, but average water, average usage, replace it every 6 months. It reduces cysts and microorganisms, heavy metals like lead and mercury, asbestos, pesticides and herbicides, and much more. Again, for detailed information see the WaterFilterse.NET web site. You canít go wrong with the information found there. This is the GE MWF, and Iím your host Aquaman, thanks for watching!

See detailed specifications and purchase the MWF here.

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