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HM Digital FM-1 Filter Monitor Video

HM Digital FM-1 Filter Monitor Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today weíre looking at the HM Digital FM-1. Now, the FM-1 is a filter monitor that Iím very excited about. I think this is a great product that anyone who owns a drinking water system should have. Hereís what it does. It is capable of measuring up to five filters simultaneously. Now, it canít do five filters in five different locations in your home, all the filters need to be in a single location because the unit has a single measurement device. Let me explain how it works. You connect the ingoing water line that goes into your filter system to the sensor, and then tell the control module that stage number 1 gets changed at three months, stage number 2 at six months, stage number 3 at three months, and stage number 4 at one year. And the control module will monitor each one simultaneously and alert you when each one reaches the half-way point and is 100% exhausted. Now, hereís how it indicates that to you. It has an audible alarm at the red mark, thatís 100% exhausted, you need to change your filters, and it indicates the same with an LED light on this chrome disc that mounts directly under your drinking water faucet. So, the indicator light will turn yellow at the half-way point and red when the filters need to be changed. And it will do this for each of the up to five filters that youíre monitoring. There are no more magnets on the fridge or smart phone reminders or, ďHey, honey, whenís the last time I changed that stupid filter?Ē Forget about it; this is the way to do this right. You donít have to sweat it anymore; it will tell you when itís time to change your filters. Now, hereís why this is important. What I know that a lot of people donít, because Iím a certified water specialist is that leaving a filter in longer than itsí expected life span is actually worse than having no filter at all. Hereís why. Because contaminants collect in and on the filter and eventually will begin to leach back into the drinking water, and theyíll leach back in in a concentrated form, so this is really bad and obviously worse than having no filter at all. Now, Iím not saying that this is going to happen one day after you were supposed to change your filter, but letís say you have a filter that has a six month life, and you leave it in for a year. Sometime between six months and a year, that filter is going to start leaching contaminants back into your drinking water. And itís bad for you, and you donít have a drinking water filter for that reason, you have a drinking water filter because you want good, safe, quality drinking water. So, how do you fix that problem? Get the FM-1. Now, the FM-1 measures the amount of time that the filters are in with a device that only measures time. So when water begins flowing through the sensor, the timer kicks on, as soon as water stops flowing the timer shuts off. And it just continues to count up the time; the months, the weeks, the days, the hours until you reach the amount of time that youíve set for your particular filter. Now, if thatís not accurate enough for you, HM Digital also offers the FM-2, and that uses an actual volumizing sensor, which measures the actual number of gallons that have gone through the sensor; different sensor, different system. The FM-1 measures time, and this is sufficient for most people with a basic drinking water system. Again, this is the FM-1 from HM Digital, and Iím your host Aquaman with FilterDoctor.com. Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the HM Digital FM-1 here.