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Instapure F-2C Faucet Mount Water Filter Video

Welcome to the Instapure F-2C Faucet Mount Water Filter Video Page. The F-2C faucet filter system reduces chlorine taste and odor. Easily installs on most kitchen sinks, with no tools necessary. The Waterpik InstaPure F-2C system allows you to choose between filtered water and unfiltered water to extend the filter cartridge life. The Waterpik F-2C faucet filtration system has a chrome base with a clear cap. The InstaPure F2C faucet mount filter is tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42.

Instapure F-2C Faucet Mount Water Filter Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today's product is the Instapure F2, faucet mounted filter. It is also known as the F2C, goes by both those model numbers, and this is just a really sharp-looking, chromed faucet-mounted filter system. Now faucet mounted filters can serve in a variety of applications. They are a great entry level product for those of you that haven' t tried a water filter yet. It's an inexpensive way to give it a whirl and see what you have been missing, and they also work in RVs. They are great for renters, where you can't install a permanent system, and they are great for that single tap that you want filtered where maybe you don't have access to a filter system for some reason or another.

Now Instapure has been very smart: they provided you with a variety of adapters, because the days of universal threaded faucets are long gone. So you are sure to find a fit for your particular faucet in these adapters and of course, there are complete instructions to install that come in the box.

The R2 cartridge that fits inside of the F2 system is good for approximately 200 gallons. Now thatís a bit more than some other systems, but itís kind of a trade-off because this particular system does not remove high-level contaminants like micro-organisms or pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, etc. This system is for basic taste and odor improvement. If you want your water to taste better and you want to remove the chlorine and maybe it has a little bit of smell, this is a great filter for that. As a result you get a lot more filter life from this little tiny filter, you get 200 gallons. Some other faucet-mounted system removes those higher level contaminants, but they only do it for maybe 100 gallons or 75 gallons. So you get longer life, but itís not going to remove the really heavy duty contaminants. So you kind of have to choose what contaminants are you really concerned with.

Of course, this red plug on the bottom gets removed when you install the filter. It pops out like that and you simply unscrew the cover, and put the filter in. See, itís in there--only one place more to go. Put the cap back on, and you are in business. And then I'm going to zoom in here for you, so that you can see the bottom of the filter system, and the lever here on the side that switches from filtered and unfiltered water.

Okay, as I indicated, I wanted to show you the bottom of this filter, you can see here is where your filtered water will come out. And this is where the unfiltered water just passes straight through, and then on the side here is the lever that you turn to go from filtered water to unfiltered water. And of course, you have this attachment piece here, along with these adapters. One of these adapters will fit your faucet and then attach obviously to this location here. And Iím going to just show you (while I have got you zoomed) in the inside of the filter unit. Just remove the cap, and here is the filter cartridge. And you can see inside, there is only one place where it can fit. These little white things sit right inside of these holes on the filter. If you try to put it in the wrong place, you wouldn't be able to screw it down all the way; it wouldn't reach. So you just twist it until, there we go, it seats. And put the cap back on and you are in business. That is the Instapure F2, faucet-mounted filter system. I'm your host Aquaman, thanks for watching.