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KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Video

Welcome to the KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Video page. The KDF-SHF-WF shower filter uses a combination of carbon and KDF-55 media to reduce Chlorine and a variety of other contaminants. KDF-55 is bacteriostatic, meaning microorganisms will not live and grow on it. In this Water Wisdom Video sponsored by WaterFilters.NET, Aquaman will show you How To Install a Shower Filter.

KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Video Transcript

Welcome to Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. I'm your host Aquaman and today we're installing a KDF-SHF-WF shower filter in my shower, in my restroom, in my home. Here we have a very basic and inexpensive shower filter. This filter has KDF media. KDF stands for kinetic degredation fluxion. It's a very high purity copper/zinc alloy. Basically, it does everything carbon does and then some. This particular filter is what they call an "intermediary style." Meaning the shower filter does not come with its own shower head. We'll keep my existing shower head because I like this shower head. The KDF-SHF-WF filter will go in between the stem and the shower head where it is right now, and I'm going to install it for you right now. It’s very simple to do. I have a pliers, and I am going to remove the shower head. Then I'm going to take the filter and attach it, and if I would have been smart I would have prepared ahead and had Teflon tape. Remember I said that. Wrap those threads with Teflon tape. For the purpose of this video I'm just going to throw it on here to show you. Simply screw it on and then take your shower head and attach it to the filter. Very simple, there you have it.

This filter will remove chlorine, it will remove heavy metals, it will turn calcium hardness into calcite crystals and reduce the amount of hardness mineral build up you get on your shower head. This is not a carbon filter. There are a lot of different types of shower filters. Some of them have carbon, some of them have a combination of KDF and carbon. And there are different types. Some of them are the offset type shower filter, where the filter sits behind so you don't lose this distance, and the height on the shower. Depends on your application. We have a variety of them available at WaterFilters.NET. But, as you can see here, this isn't rocket science installing one of these things. It's really very simple. Teflon tape and a pliers and you're in business with chlorine-free showering. Chlorine is nasty for your hair and makes your skin dry. No one wants to have that stuff in their shower. And you can get rid of it by using any of our many different shower filters available at WaterFilters.NET. Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter here.

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