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KX Matrikx Plekx P10-250-109-096 Activated Carbon Filter (9.75" x 2.5")

9.75 L x 2.5 W; 5 Micron Nominal Filtration

KX Matrix Plekx P10-250-109-096 Activated Carbon Water Filter Spiral-Wound
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Product Code: KX-PLEKX-10-10
Special Order Filters.
Minimum Purchase of 10.

Retail Price: $20.69
  • KX Matrikx P10-250-109-096 Plekx 10 Water Filter:
  • KX PLEKX 10 filters remove chlorine taste and odor and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odor while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5 nominal micron sediment filter.
  • The KX Matrikx Plekx P10-250-109-096 filter is a spiral-wound activated carbon filter.
  • The KX Matrikx Plekx P10-250-109-096 filters are optimized for applications where they perform the role of both a sediment and activated carbon filter.
  • The extrusion process of the Plekx water filter allows the production of a carbon-particle laminate with more carbon than conventional PAC spiral-wound filters.
  • This enables the KX Plekx 10 water filter P10-250-109-096 to deliver extended life while removing sediment, chlorine taste and odor and organic contaminants from water, aqueous solutions or suspensions.
  • The KX Matrikx PLEKX 10 can be used in residential and commercial water purification systems, food service, and pre- and post-RO systems.
  • KX Matrikx Plekx P10-250-109-096 Water Filter Contaminant Reduction:
  • 5 Micron Nominal Filtration
  • 10 Micron Absolute Filtration
  • Efficient Sediment Filter with Large Dirt-Holding Capacity
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction Capacity @ Flow:
    2,500 gal. @ 1.0 GPM
  • KX Matrix P10-250-109-096 Plekx Water Filter Specs:
  • Dimensions: 9.75 L x 2.50 W
  • Initial Pressure Change @ Flow = <2.0 psid @ 1.0 GPM
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 125F
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psig
  • Maximum Differential Pressure: 100 psid
  • Collapse Pressure: 200 psid
  • Manufacturer: KX Technologies P10-250-109-096
  • KX Plekx P10-250-109-096 Carbon Water Filter Housings:
  • Use the KX Matrikx Industries P10-250-109-096 water filter in the Culligan HF-360 and other standard water filter housings.
  • KX MATRIKX Plekx P10-250-109-096 water filters are designed to fit most standard household and commercial or industrial housings.
  • KX Matrikx P10-250-109-096 Interchangeable Water Filter:
  • The Pentek EP-10 can be used in place of the KX Matrikx P10-250-109-096 water filter for similar performance.
  • You may also use other 10" Standard Water Filters for your 10" Standard Housing.
  • KX Matrix Plekx 10 P10-250-109-096 Water Filter Instructions:
  • Replace the KX P10-250-109-096 Plekx water filter according to your water filter housing system instructions.
  • This cartridge must be flushed for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use.
  • The KX Matrikx Plekx Spiral-Wound Carbon Water Filter should be used only with microbiologically safe and adequately disinfected water. Activated carbon filters are not designed to kill or remove bacteria or viruses.
  • KX MATRIKX Plekx P10-250-109-096 carbon filters should not be autoclaved or steam-sterilized.

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