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KX-Matrix 06-250-125-975 +Pb1 Video

KX-Matrix 06-250-125-975 +Pb1 Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today weíre looking at the KX Matrix 06-250-125-975. You might also know it as the +Pb1. This is an industry standard size cartridge approximately ten inches long and two and a half inches in diameter, which means it fits in many standard filter housings. Probably the most common that receives this size cartridge would be the Culligan HF360. Now it is a 0.5 micron nominal 1 micron absolute carbon block. With a unique gradient density feature. That means the carbon starts more porous on the exterior and becomes increasingly dense to the center. Therefore contaminants can imbed themselves throughout the depth of the media. It is NSF Standard 42 and 53 certified for the reduction of lead, microorganisms and turbidity. Now filter life depends on the contaminant that youíre removing. If youíre simply using it for chlorine taste and odor, itís probably going to last about six thousand gallons. But if youíre removing lead from your water then the filter life is shortened to only twenty five hundred gallons. So change your filter cartridge dependent on what youíre trying to remove from the water. Again this is the KX Matrix 06-250-125-975, also known as the +Pb1, and Iím your host Aquaman with FilterDoctor.com Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the KX-Matrix 06-250-125-975 +Pb1 here.