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Katadyn 8012793 Pro Survivor 35 Membrane

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Product Code: KATADYN-8012793
  • Katadyn 8012793 Pro Survivor 35 Membrane:
  • Katadyn 8012793 Membranes are designed for use with Katadyn Survivor-Series Desalinators which produce potable water from seawater.
  • Katadyn 8012793 Pro Survivor 35 Membrane fits Katadyn models 35E, 40E and 80E.
  • Katadyn 8012793 replacement membrane is ready to install.
  • Use 1 Katadyn 8012793 Pro Survivor Membrane for models 35E and 40E.
  • Use 2 Katadyn 8012793 Pro Survivor Membranes for model 80E.
  • Katadyn membrane for the 35, 40, 80 models of watermakers.
  • Manufacturer: Katadyn 8012793

The 8012793 is also known by the following part numbers:

  • 8012793
  • Katadyn 8012793 Membrane Instructions:
  • The Katadyn 8012793 Membrane can become dirty or fouled with biological growth and particles which are small enough to pass through the strainer.
  • The Katadyn 8012793 Membrane will need to be cleaned or replaced when build-up on the surface of the membrane causes the freshwater flow rate to be low or the operating pressure to be high.
  • To replace the Katadyn 8012793 membrane: Grasp the membrane housing with both hands and turn counterclockwise until it can be removed.
  • Remove the membrane element with a pulling-and twisting motion.
  • Clean the membrane housing with a warm mild detergent, rinse with clean water, wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Lubricate the seals on the new element with a small amount of food-grade silicone lubricant.
  • Insert the element into the pump front, then push the reject tube assembly all the way into the element.
  • Slide the housing over the element. Screw it all the way into the pump collar by hand, but do not overtighten.
  • Be sure there is no gap between the pump collar and the thread stop on the membrane housing.

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