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Katadyn water filters and Katadyn Replacement Water Filters
Katadyn water filters are reliable for all camping and backcountry adventures. Katadyn has filters for expeditions or one person hikes. The Katadyn Backcountry Series is perfect for backpacking and camping. The lightweight and compact design makes the water filtration devices versatile and easy to use. The Katadyn Endurance Series is designed for long term use. These filters are made from high quality materials making them durable, reliable, and great for extreme conditions. The Katadyn Ultralight Series is perfect for individual use. These water filter systems are light, compact, and perfect for any kind of traveling.

Katadyn Camping Filters Subcategories
Katadyn Backcountry Water Filters
Katadyn Endurance Water Filters
Katadyn Ultralight Water Filters
Katadyn Marine Water Filters

Most Popular Katadyn Camping Filters Products
Katadyn Vario Camping Filter System Katadyn Vario Camping Filter System 8014931
0.3 Micron Filtration; 2.2 Liters Per Minute Flow Rate
(Replacement Filter: 8015036) Katadyn Vario Camping Filter System

Katadyn is number one in the field of individual water treatment systems and products, with a global market share exceeding 50 percent. Katadyn has been developing Katadyn water filters, Katadyn camping filters, Katadyn sterilizing agents, and Katadyn mobile desalinators for travel and marine applications for over 75 years. Numerous international relief organizations and special army units rely on Katadyn products as survival and lifesaving tools.