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Katadyn My Bottle Video

Welcome to the Katadyn My Bottle Video Page. The Katadyn My Bottle is available in two versions; the My Bottle Microfilter, and the more advanced My Bottle Purifier. The Microfilter meets EPA Standards for Giardia and bacteria removal, and can easily upgrade to the Purifier version with the addition of the Katadyn Virustat 8011555 Replacement Cartridge. The My Bottle Purifier comes equipped with the Virustat cartridge and is capable of purifying nearly any water source. The Katadyn MyBottle Purifier is the only EPA registered bottle purification system available.

Katadyn My Bottle Video Transcript:

The Katadyn My Bottle purifier is the only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered bottle that removes all types of micro-organisms from untreated water. It can even eliminate the smallest viruses in drinking water. It makes virtually any water safe to drink. The My Bottle purifier combines three technologies. The unique clean technology cleans the water and removes most micro-organisms. Next Virustat Iodine resin technology eliminates even the smallest bacteria and viruses. A carbon stage also reduces chemicals and improves the taste of your drinking water. The Katadyn My Bottle is very easy to use, simply dip the empty water bottle into the water source, install the cap and Virustat purification system and squeeze to drink the purified water. The counter in the cap indicates when the cartridge should be replaced. You will always have safe water on demand. The Katadyn My Bottle purifier is the number one selling bottle purifier. It is commonly used for travel, boating, biking, fishing or whenever safe drinking water is needed. Remember itís ultralight and itís EPA registered to provide the highest safety level available. The My Bottle is also available in a micro filter version for use in backcountry conditions where viruses may be less of a concern. The fashionable My Bottle also comes with a straw for everyday use from tap water to help you protect the planet by using your My Bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles.

See specifications & purchase the Katadyn My Bottle Purifier here.

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See specifications & purchase the Katadyn My Bottle Microfilter here.

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