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Low Price Guarantee

In addition to the fastest shipping and the best selection, we are committed to offering our customers the best prices around every day. If you see another website that has a lower price (including shipping) and comparable shipping method, let us know and we will match it.*

Our Guarantee
We will match competitors' website prices any time before a purchase. Other guarantees require you to purchase first and then receive a refund. We understand you want to know the price you'll pay before you buy.

How to Get a Price Match
You must have an account (it's free) to obtain a price match. Once you have an account, simply email us at lowestprice@waterfilters.net with proof of the lower price to claim your discount. Please also have (or include in your email) all of the details of the product you wish to purchase, including the brand, product number, and price (including shipping cost).

* Of course, we do have some rules and limitations.

  1. Our guarantee applies only to websites run by U.S. corporations and for the prices of products delivered to the contiguous United States.
  2. The product must be available in the same exact size, style and color that it is on WaterFilters.NET and be in stock and available for purchase on the competitor's website.
  3. When comparing prices, applicable sales tax and shipping charges for the item from the competitor website will be included.
  4. We will match competitors' website prices any time BEFORE a purchase.
  5. We do not match PREVIOUS prices on competitor websites - only the CURRENT prices.
  6. We DO NOT match prices found on auction websites, websites selling refurbished items, or websites not authorized to sell the product.
  7. We DO NOT match competitors' rewards, points, cash back, affiliate, etc. programs.
  8. We DO NOT match membership or subscription pricing.
  9. There is a limit of one guarantee claim per item per person. And the guarantee does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes.
  10. We require proof of the lower price on your email.
  11. We do not match mail-in rebates, other types of deferred savings or competitors' offers for gift cards, gift checks or free promotional products.
  12. Some brands may be excluded, as determined by the manufacturer.
  13. We reserve the right to change or cancel the price guarantee at any time.