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New York Drinking Water Program GWUDI NSF 53

Date Created:  7/5/2007

The New York Department of Health is leading a number of states in creating regulations and ordinances that regulate the minimum levels of water filtration in drinking water. Philadelphia and other states are not far behind in protecting water sources such as surface water and well water. There have been more and more problems with contaminants such as Giardia all over New York, even in supposedly pure mountain streams. The regulations are intended to make people detect and treat ground water under direct inflow of surface water (GWUDI).

The 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) gave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the authority to create public water system supervision programs. The EPA has thus established national levels of contamination in drinking water that they recommend we do not exceed if we value our health and safety.

New York has adopted regulations set forth the EPA. The provisions affect wells that are less than 200 feet deep, spring water, and flowing water sources. The regulations affect people in New York City, Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. It also affects people in outlying cities and villages. It affects state wells, campgrounds, restaurants, parks, universities, schools, and other institutions that need safe drinking water.

Inspectors are checking people to make sure they comply. The filtration systems used must be NSF-approved.

The regulations require smaller systems to comply with NSF 53, which requires a 90% reduction in cysts. The regulations also require 1 micron absolute filtration. We offer a PP-BB-10-1 Harmsco filter (we offer these for 40.99 each or 31.99 each if purchased in a case of 24), which complies with the regulation. These filters fit into #10 Big Blue Water Filter Housings.

The regulations also require larger systems to have locking tab configurations that comply with code 7 or 226 of the Department of Heath regulations. The locking tab configurations guarantee that unfiltered water cannot mix with filtered water. These systems are used for higher volume stainless steel commercial systems. We do offer systems that comply with these regulations.

We have Pentek, Harmsco, KX Martrikx, and other brand filters that comply with the regulations.

Organizations involved with the New York Water Ordinances and Regulations:
NY DOH (Department of Health)
New York Rural Water Association
USDA’s Rural Development Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grant Program (ECWAG)
New York City (DEP) Department of Environmental Protection

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