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PURA UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System

Pura UVBB-3 Ultra Violet System
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Product Code: PURA-UVBB-3
Retail Price: $1,412.40
  • PURA UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System 110V Features:
  • The Pura UVBB3 Ultra-violet System is for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.
  • The UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System provides water UV disinfection greater than 99.9% kill rate.
  • The PURA UVBB-3 features three 20" Big Blue UV Chambers.
  • The first filter housing has a 5 micron sediment filter which is the minimum recommended pre-filtration for effective UV disinfection.
  • The second filter is a high capacity 10 micron carbon block to reduce chlorine, taste, odor, color and potentially harmful organics.
  • The UVBB-3 Drinking Water System provides ultra-violet disinfection without adding chemicals to your water. UV energy is produced by low-pressure mercury vapor enclosed in a tubular lamp.
  • The PURA UVBB-3 produces energy by the UV lamp which has the ability to destroy microorganisms that can live in water. There are 5 major groups of microorganisms that are altered by a specific spectrum of ultraviolet light: viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa. When these microbes are exposed to the proper amount of UV energy, their DNA structure is scrambled, which leaves them unable to reproduce (making them sterile or dead).
  • One advantage of the UV BigBoy™ Series is the convenient manifold mounting rack. The rack can be used to configure up to four UV chambers. This allows for either a higher UV dosage or higher flow rate (up to 60 GPM). The mounting rack configuration provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance to the individual units without the need to shut down the entire water distribution line.
  • The standard LED lamp monitor provides a visual verification the lamp is in operation.
  • PURA UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System Specs:
  • Dimensions: 28"H x 23"W x 9"D
  • Flow Rate: 15 GPM at 65 psi
  • Lamp Type and Power: UV Lamp #20; 22 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volt 60 HZ
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1-1/2" FNPT
  • Sediment Reduction: 5 micron
  • Carbon Cartridge: 10 micron
  • UV Output: 16,000 Microwatt seconds /CM² UV output
  • Feed Water Pressure: 20-75 PSI
  • Feed Water Temperature: 38°-105°F
  • Feed Water pH Range: 6.5-9.5
  • Feed Water Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): <1500 Mg/L
  • Feed Water Turbidity: <5 NTU
  • Feed Water Hardness (CaCO³): <120
  • Feed Water Iron: <0.3
  • Feed Water Manganese: <0.05
  • Manufacturer: PURA 15830131
  • PURA UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System Replacement Filters:
  • Replacement 5 micron sediment filter: P5-20BB-WF Sediment Filter.
  • Replacement 10 micron carbon block filter: EP5-20BB-WF Carbon Block Filter.
  • PURA UVBB-3 UltraViolet Drinking Water System Instructions:
  • Water pressure: Must not exceed 75 PSI or a pressure regulator must be installed.
  • Warning: Never look directly at a lighted UV lamp. UltraViolet rays can harmful to eyes.
  • Caution: For indoor use only.
  • Cleaning: The inside of the system and the quartz sleeve should be cleaned each time the filters are changed. Clean all parts (except filters and electronic parts) with soap and rinse them thoroughly with clean potable water. Dry the inside of the quartz sleeve thoroughly before re-assembling system.
  • Note: Presence of iron or general poor quality of water will require frequent inspection and cleaning.
  • O-rings: Lubricate each o-ring with a silicone based o-ring lubricant to ensure a proper seal.
  • Filter Replacement: Filters will usually last approximately 4 to 6 months depending on water conditions. A reduced flow rate or deteriorating water quality indicates that filters must be changed. Change filters carefully to avoid breaking the quartz sleeve.
  • UV Lamp Replacement: Lamps should be changed every 12 months. While UV lamps rarely burn out, they do lose their disinfecting power.
  • Note: UV lamps should remain on at all times during use. Repeated starting of the UV lamp shortens lamp life. UV lamps require a warm-up period of 1-2 minutes.
  • Installation: The UVBB-3 System should be installed with the sumps oriented vertically. If installed horizontally the quartz sleeve will be in a position that makes it susceptible to breakage.
  • Mounting: The minimum amount of space required to allow sufficient room above and below the UVBB-3 System to service the sumps and UV lamp without removing the UV system is 20 inches above and below.

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