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Pentek CRE-1 Ceramic Water Filters (9-3/4" x 1-7/8")

9-3/4" x 1-7/8"

Pentek CRE-1 ceramic water filters and Ametek CRE-1 replacement sediment water filter cartridge 155159
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Product Code: PENTEK-CRE-1
Retail Price: $34.49
  • Ametek / Pentek CRE-1 Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge:
  • Nominal 1 micron Pentek CRE-1 Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges.
  • The Pentek CRE-1 water filters are specially designed for cyst reduction and fine sediment filtration applications.
  • The Pentek CRE-1 filter cartridge 1/2" thick ceramic wall allows for many cleanings, extending cartridge life.
  • Pentek CRE-1 water filter cartridges are manufactured from a sintered ceramic filtration media. CRE-1 filters are designed and tested for the reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, and are ideal for fine sediment filtration applications.
  • The Pentek CRE-1 fine ceramic media will effectively trap dirt, sediment and cysts, down to 1-micron in diameter. A proper fit is ensured and water bypass is prevented through the use of a knife-edge seal.
  • Pentek CRE1 water filters are easily cleaned with water and a damp cloth, sponge or stiff nylon brush. Pentek CRE-1 filter cartridges can be cleaned several times until the diameter at the smallest point is 1-1⁄2" or the circumference is 4-3⁄4", extending cartridge life.
  • NOTE: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Ametek CRE-1 filter cartridges are specifically designed for sediment filtration and the reduction of Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, not to kill or filter bacteria.
  • NOTE: Performance depends on system design, flow rate, feed water quality and certain other application conditions.
  • NOTE: Only a thin layer of ceramic is removed with each cleaning. It is not necessary to clean the cartridge until the original color is restored as water in some locations may stain or discolor the ceramic. Good hygiene and housekeeping practices should always be used when cleaning the Pentek CRE-1 cartridge.
  • HANDLE CARTRIDGE WITH CARE! Sharp blows, dropping, or freezing can cause cracks in the ceramic. If the cartridge should be cracked or frozen, discard the damaged cartridge and replace it with a new cartridge.
  • Certain states require system registration or certification prior to sale if health-related contaminant reduction claims are made. CRE-1 cartridges say "Not for residential sale in the state of California" on the filter label because they have not been submitted to California for testing. This is an expensive testing process that Pentair has chosen not to undergo at this time in order to keep the cost of the filters down.

Contaminant Removal:

  • Cysts
  • 99.8% of Sediment
  • Pentek CRE-1 Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge Specs:
  • Dimensions: 9-3/4" x 1-7/8" (248 mm x 48 mm)
  • Micron Rating (Nominal): 1
  • Temperature Rating: 40F to 125F (4.4 to 51.7C)
  • Initial ∆P (psi) @ Flow Rate (gpm):
    19 psi @ 1 gpm (1.3 bar @ 3.8 L/min)
  • Pentek CRE-1 Ceramic Filter Materials of Construction:
  • Filter Media: Sintered Ceramic
  • Gasket: Buna-N
  • End Caps: Thermoset Polymeric
  • Manufacturer: Pentek 155159-43
  • Water Filter Housings for the Pentek CRE-1 filter:
  • 155159 Pentek CRE1 filter fits in housings for 10 inch water filters.
  • Fits Culligan / USFilter / Ametek / Pentek 10" Standard Water Filter System.
  • Due to the flow rate of the filter, the Pentek CRE-1 water filter is recommended for use with under sink systems with a dedicated drinking water faucet or a countertop water filter system.

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