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Pentek UV Lamp 20-463 for UV-120 and UVBB-120 UV Systems

Replacement UV Lamp for UV-120 and UVBB-120; Part # 163512

Pentek UV Lamp 20-463 for UV-120 and UVBB-120 UltraViolet Systems
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Product Code: PENTEK-20-463
  • Pentek UV Lamp 20-463:
  • Use the replacement UltraViolet Lamp 20-463 for:
    Ametek, Pentek, US Filter UV-120-1 and UV-120-2 UltraViolet Systems
    Ametek, Pentek, US Filter UVBB-120-1 and UVBB-120-2 UltraViolet Systems
    Hydrotech PURA UV20-3 UltraViolet Systems
  • The Pentek 20-463 UV Light should be replaced every 9-12 months. The lamp may not burn out, however the efficiency of the UV bulb decreases after one year and should be replaced.
  • Manufacturer: Pentek 163512
  • Pentek UV Lamp 20-463 Replacement Instructions:
  • 1. Turn off all electrical power to the system by unplugging or throwing the circuit.
  • 2. Unscrew the UV control module from the mounting bracket (4 screws).
  • 3. Slide the old bulb out and unplug from the control module.
  • NOTE: Hold the UV lamp only by the plastic covered ends of the bulb.
  • 4. Carefully discard the old UV lamp.
  • 5. Holding the new UV lamp only by the plastic covered ends of the bulb, plug the new UV lamp into the control module or power cord. Slide the new bulb into the cartridge housing and reattach UV control module or secure mounting bracket retainer (depending on model).
  • 6. Restore electrical power to unit.
  • 7. Check for leaks.

This item has been discontinued
The PURA 36002018 UV Lamp is exactly the same as the Pentek 20-463 UV Lamp. Purchase the PURA 36002018 UV Lamp below.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
Pura 36002018 UltraViolet Lamp #20 Pura 36002018 UltraViolet Lamp #20
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