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POLARIS UV-100B Ultraviolet Sterilization System

UV 100GPM, 39W x 8, 110/220V, SUS304, Cabinet base w/Timer

Polaris UV-100B UV Water Treatment System
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Product Code: UV-100B
  • Polaris UV-100B Ultraviolet System:
  • The POLARIS UV-100B Ultraviolet Sterilization System features eight 39 Watt UV lights and a cabinet base with timer.
  • Polaris Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems utilize natural quartz sleeves to protect the lamps and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water.
  • Polaris Ultra Violet Water Treatment Systems inactivate micro-organisms within seconds with no harmful chemicals or by-products.
  • Polaris UV-100B UltraViolet Systems feature durable construction with high quality quartz sleeves and performance lamps.
  • The Polaris UV-100B has high output low pressure mercury vapor lamps with high isolation pin design.
  • Polaris UltraViolet Systems provide a compact design and economical ultraviolet water treatment for low flow and medium flow applications such as; Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems, water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, medical facility water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic processes, final electronic component rinsing, recirculation loops and more.
  • The Polaris UV-100B Ultra Violet Sterilization System produces little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making it ideal for many application requirements.
  • The Polaris UV-100B Water Treatment System may also be configured for TOC reduction in high purity or ultra pure water processes.
  • The UV-100B Polaris Ultraviolet System features audible ballast with LED lamp out indicator.
  • The Polaris UV-100B System features a compact design with 304 Stainless Steel Reactor Chambers which are polished for laboratory and medical use.
  • The UV-100B is designed for easy servicing, no need to turn off water flow to change the UV lamps.
  • The Polaris UV-100B has open end quartz sleeves and stainless gland nuts.
  • The Polaris UV-100B System provides operating temperature and sealing efficiency.
  • The Polaris UV-36B Ultraviolet System uses eight Polaris GL39SE4P Replacement UV Lights and eight Polaris QS39 Replacement UV Quartz Sleeves.
  • Polaris UV-100B Ultraviolet System Specs:
  • Dimensions: 8.62" x 36.93"
  • Port Size Inlet/Outlet: 2" - 2.5"
  • Voltage @ 50/60HZ: 220V/110V
  • Lamp Watts: 39W x 8
  • GPM: 100 gpm
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 psi
  • Working Temperature: 35F - 104F
  • Rated Lamp Life (HR): 9000 HRS
  • Visual Warning: LED
  • Audible Warning: Indicator with alarm
  • Number of Lamps: Eight
  • Water Chamber: Stainless 304
  • Timer: Yes
  • Wave Length: 254 nm
  • Micro Joules: 30 mJ/cm2, 112gpm
  • Manufacturer: Polaris UV-100B

This product has been discontinued.
The Polaris UV systems have been discontinued. Please replace your entire system with a Trojan UltraViolet System.