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PuROTwist TQ56-15FC Reverse Osmosis Membrane

15 Gallons Per Day

Omnipure PuROTwist TQ56-15FC Reverse Osmosis Membrane
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Product Code: PUROTWIST-TQ56-15FC
Retail Price: $74.74
  • PuROTwist TQ56-15FC RO Membrane
  • PuROTwist TQ56-15FC membrane filters 15 gallons of water per day.
  • Omnipure PuROTwist Reverse Osmosis Membranes should be replaced every two years depending on the quality of your water.
  • Reduces barium, cadmium, chromium III & VI, copper, flouride, lead, mercury, nitrate, nitrite, radium, selenium, and TDS.
  • The PuROTwist TQ56-15FC is an encapsulated membrane. The RO membrane housing and the flow control are included with the membrane. There is no need to buy the RO membrane housing or flow control separately.
  • Upgrade to the TQ56-36FC 36 gallon per day or TQ56-50FC 50 gallon per day RO membranes. No additional parts are needed to upgrade to a higher capacity PuROTwist Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
We do not stock the TQ56-15FC reverse osmosis membrane. Email customerservice@waterfilters.net or call 1-888-801-7873 if you would like to special order the TQ56-15FC. An alternative option is the TQ56-36FC RO Membrane below. This is a 36 Gallon Per Day Membrane which means it will produce more water per day than the 15 Gallon Per Day Membrane. The TQ56-36FC has the same contaminant reduction as the TQ56-15FC. The flow control is included in the membrane so it is seamless to switch between the 15 and 36 GPD reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Manufacturer: PuROTwist TQ56-15FC

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