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Rusco 1-1/2-30STSSCR-F Chemical Resistant Steel Sediment Trapper System

30 Mesh/533 Micron, Fits 1.5" Pipe

Rusco 1-1/2-30STSSCR-F Chemical Resistant Sediment Trapper
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Product Code: RUSCO-1-12-30STSSCR-F
Retail Price: $162.67
  • Rusco Chemically Resistant Spin-Down Sediment Trapper with Flush Valve:
  • The Rusco clear cover is made of high impact polymer resin for maximum strength and durability. The top of the Rusco system is made of PVC.
  • The Rusco sediment filter uses centrifugal separation technology to filter sediment from water.
  • The Rusco Sediment Trapper has a unique element design that traps sediment in the lower reservoir of the clear cover. The debris settles in the bottom of the clear cover away from the filter screen. The Rusco Sediment Trapper model should be used over the Rusco Spin-Down model when there is heavy sediment in the water supply.
  • The Rusco filtration system has a stainless steel screen filter.
  • The Rusco filter system's filter screen is cleanable and reusable.
  • The Rusco systems have a clear cover that can easily be removed for cleaning. No tools are required to remove the cover.
  • Sediment is visible through the clear cover indicating when the filter needs to be flushed.
  • Rusco Sediment Filters have an open ball valve to easily flush sediment. When the Rusco filter is full of sediment, simply open the ball valve to flush the sediment.
  • This Rusco System is made of molded non-corrosive materials and a Chemically Resistant Cover.
  • Temperature rating up to 100 deg. F (37.7 deg. C).
  • Rusco Chemically Resistant Sediment Filter Contaminants:
  • The Rusco Sediment Filter is designed to remove virtually all types of sediment, including shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, and sand/grit (course, fine, and very fine).
  • The amount of sediment removed by the Rusco filter screen will depend on the micron rating of the filter screen. Smaller micron rated filter screens will remove smaller particles of sediment from your water.
  • By removing larger sediment particles from your water, you are preserving the life of appliances and filter cartridges that may be installed after the Rusco sediment filter system.
  • Rusco 1-12-30STSSCR-F Chemical Resistant Steel Sediment Trapper:
  • Screen Mesh Size: 30
  • Micron Rating: 533
  • Contaminant Reduction: shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, and sand/grit (course, fine, and very fine)
  • Inlet/Outlet Pipe Size Dimension: 1.5" MPT
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI at 73 degrees F. (23C)
  • Maximum Temperature: 100 deg F. (37.7C) at 40 PSI
  • Minimum Flow Rate For Spin-Down Action: 10 GPM
  • Service Flow Rate: 25 GPM
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 50 GPM
  • Length: 15-3/8"
  • Width: 5-1/4"
  • Materials of Construction:
  • Body Material: PVC
  • Cover Material: Chemically Resistant HP Polymer
  • Screen Material: Stainless Steel
  • Flush Valve: PVC
  • O-Rings: EPDM
  • Manufacturer: Rusco 1-1/2-30STSSCR-F
  • Rusco Sediment Filtration System Installation Information:
  • 1. Install the filter in a location that protects it from damage such as impact, freeze, excessive heat, chemical contact and water hammer.
  • 2. Install the filter in the preferred vertical position with the purge outlet pointing down and also where it can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • 3. Install the filter on the discharge side of the pump to allow the filter to be cleaned by purging through the flush valve.
  • 4. Refer to arrows on the filter body for correct water flow direction.
  • 5. Adhere to all local and state codes, laws and regulations.
  • 6. Use approved solvent cement for gluing PVC connections. Follow gluing instructions on glue container. It is recommended that the CLEAR COVER BE REMOVED FROM THE PVC BODY PRIOR TO THE GLUING PROCESS. Any excess glue that comes in contact with the clear cover will damage it.
  • Rusco Water Filter Screen Change Frequency:
  • The Rusco filter screens should be cleaned every few months. No tools are required for cleaning.
  • The filter screen should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on your water usage and water quality.
  • Rusco Water Filter Screen Cleaning Instructions:
  • 1. The primary method of cleaning the Rusco filter is purging separated solids through the flush valve while the filter is under system pressure. The purging process can be done manually with the flush valve or automated with our optional Automatic Flush Valve.
  • 2. The filter element may need to be removed and cleaned. To remove the filter element, turn off the water supply, drain water pressure, unscrew the clear cover and remove the filter element. Wash off collected sediment by spraying with water. Remove fine particles wedged in the screen with a soft brush. Apply silicone grease to o-rings if needed and reassemble. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY.

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