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PG-DIG Digital RO Tank Pressure Gauge (0-100 PSI)

TPG-100 and PG-DIG Digital Tank Pressure Gauge for Reverse Osmosis System Bladder Tanks
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Product Code: TIER1-TPG-100
  • PG-DIG Digital Tank Pressure Gauge
  • RO Tank Pressure Meter (PGDIG)
  • Digital Pressure Gauge measures 0-100 PSI
  • The PG-DIG Digital Pressure Meter automatically shuts off after 15 seconds of no use.
  • The bladder tank of your reverse osmosis water system will lose air pressure. Incorrect bladder tank air pressure will cause your system to operate incorrectly. Use this air pressure meter to monitor the air pressure in your RO bladder tank.
  • Manufacturer: Tier1 PG-DIG
  • Reverse Osmosis System Accessories:
  • Use an Inline TDS Meter to monitor the Total Dissolved Solid levels before and after your Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Digital Pressure Gauge Instructions:
  • 1) Remove valve cap on RO Tank
  • 2) Press "on" button on gauge until it reads 0.0
  • 3) Press firmly onto valve
  • 4) Remove and LCD will show pressure rating
  • 5) Gauge will turn off automatically
  • Note: Do not allow gauge to become wet.

The TIER1-TPG-100 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Replacement Filters and Parts or Alternative System for the Above Unavailable Product
54846 RO Tank Pressure Gauge (1-20 PSI) 54846 RO Tank Pressure Gauge (1-20 PSI)
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