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Washing Machine Replacement Filter 84470 (2-Pack)

Max Temperature: 320 deg. F

Washing Machine Replacement Water Filter 84470 for use on hot or cold washing machine lines
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Product Code: INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-84470
  • Washing Machine Inline Replacement Water Filter 84470 Information:
  • 2-Pack of replacement washing machine water filters
  • Traps sediment before it reaches the washing machine inlet valve screen
  • Allows water to run freely
  • Eliminates the need to clean the inlet valve screen

Filter Life: 3 months

UPC: 852698001841

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

  • Manufacturer: Inline Water Filters 84470
  • Washing Machine Replacement Filter Cartridge Life:
  • For new wells, replace the washing machine filter cartridge every 2-3 months.
  • For existing wells without a whole house water filter, replace the washing machine filter cartridge every 3-6 months.
  • For wells with a whole house water filter and public water supply, replace the washing machine filter cartridge every 6 months.
  • The washing machine filter cartridge life also depends on the amount of sediment in your water supply and the water usage of your household. When your cold water slows, the washing machine water filter needs to be replaced.
  • Washing Machine Water Filter Replacement Cartridge:
  • The 84470 washing machine replacement filter is to be used on the washing machine filter system 85470.
  • Washing Machine Replacement Filter Installation Instructions:
  • When you install the washing machine replacement filter, turn off the water faucets and turn on the washing machine for a minute. This drains the water out of the lines and eliminates the clean up.
  • To change the washing machine cartridge, simply unscrew the middle of the housing, remove the old filter and replace with the pull tab facing the washer. Complete instructions are on the packaging.

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