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LCS-14 Leak Controller (Water Alarm and Shut-Off for 1/4" Tubing)

1/4" QC; Automatic Shut-Off Valve

Water Controller LCS-14 Leak Controller to Shut Off Water Leaks
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Retail Price: $59.99

Click here if you need the LCS-38 3/8" QC Connections.
  • LCS-14 Leak Controller Information:
  • The Water Controller LCS-14 is a specialized, affordable water alarm and shut-off system that is battery operated and fitted with a quick-connector water ball valve.
  • The Water Controller LCS-14 features 1/4" Quick Connect plumbing connections and 4-1/2 feet cord that connects the sensor.
  • The LCS14 Leak Controller has the ability to connect as many sensors as needed to a single controller.
  • The LCS-14 is a leak controller for Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Coolers, Refrigerators, Ice Makers and Coffee Machines.
  • The LCS 14 Leak Controller is a great way to control costly leaks.
  • The Leak Controller LCS-14 will engage the shut-off valve and sound the alarm upon sensing moisture. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak, while the alarm continues to sound until the valve is manually reset. By preventing continuous water flow, mold and property damage is restricted and user liability is reduced.
  • The LCS-14 Leak Controller features LeakLogic RISC based management which is state of the art microchip technology for sensitive controls, operation verification and long battery life.
  • The Leak Controller LCS-14 comes with a built in filter change reminder. Set it to beep and flash after 6, 12 or 18 months, when it is time for a filter change or scheduled maintenance.
  • The LCS-14 Leak Controller is designed for simple installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • A water leak detection system can be an invaluable addition to any home or office. These "active" leak detectors are well worth the cost as there is a good chance you will not be home to hear an alarm if you have a leak. They are also very beneficial in vacation homes or properties where you are away for long periods of time.
  • The LCS-14 package includes: Main Leak Controller module with attached 4-1/2 foot sensor cable, 4 “AA” size alkaline batteries, Metal Wall Mount Plate with 2 #8 mounting screws, Sensor and 1 Sensor Mat.
  • How does the LCS-14 Leak Controller work?:
  • The Leak Controller sends a pulse every second through the two stainless steel probes on the bottom of the sensor and measures the resistance of the probes. In the event of a leak, the resistance across the probes drops, and the Leak Controller detects this and shuts off the water supply and sounds an alarm.
  • LCS-14 Leak Controller Specs:
  • Size: 6.75” (h) x 3.25” (w) x 2.5” (d)
  • Temperature rating: 33° - 140°F (1°-60°C)
  • Pressure rating: 0-150 psi
  • Power: 4 x “AA” Alkaline Batteries
  • Power Output: 6V
  • Manufacturer: Leak Controller LCS-14

The LCS-14 is also known by the following part numbers:

  • LCS-14, WS-300
  • LCS-14 Leak Controller Instructions:
  • Do not connect the controller to a hot water line; connect only to the cold water supply.
  • The sensors cannot have anything placed on top of them.
  • Preferably, the controller will be installed as far upstream (closest to where the water is accessed from the main plumbing) as possible from the device you will be protecting, such as under the kitchen sink or behind an appliance.
  • If you are going to cut an existing plumbing line, allow for an extra ¾” of tubing on each side of the controller valve as the valve requires ¾” of pipe or tubing to properly seal.
  • Since the controller is in constant contact with your water supply, the maximum life expectancy of the controller is five years. Although you may achieve longer use of the controller depending on the quality of your water source, we recommend that you do not exceed this time period.
  • The controller may be set for a service reminder indication. This is done for a reminder to maintain the system or systems connected to the controller.
  • To mount the controller locate a clean, flat wall surface that is close and parallel to the water source to which you will be connecting.
  • Attach the Metal Wall Mount Plate with 2 #8 mounting screws (included). The controller should be flush against the wall, resist movement, and be able to be connected to your piping.
  • The valve in the controller is a ball type with two connection points that have quick-connect fittings. The valve is not directionally sensitive so you can insert the incoming water tube and the outgoing tube on either side for your convenience.
  • Placing the LCS-14 sensor is a very important part of the installation. The sensor is the heart of the controller, and if water doesn’t touch the sensor it will not activate. Also, it is extremely important that the metal side of the sensor always remains facing down after the installation.
  • Once you have confirmed the sensor location, place the sensor mat in that area and then place the sensor on top of the mat. The sensor will work without the mat. The sensor mat is provided only to increase the area where water is drawn to the sensor. In those areas where it is not practical to lay the mat down, just place the sensor on a clean, flat surface. Ordinary paper towels can be used as replacements for the sensor mat.
  • Additional sensors may be added to your system. Additional 25 Ft. Sensors are available below.
  • Please note that for the sensors to work, the leak does not have to enter the slots on top of the sensors. This may happen, but the sensors also detect surface moisture via the sensor probes on the bottom of the sensor.
  • How do I test the Leak Controller and the AquaGate products?
  • To test your Leak Controller or AquaGate, locate the sensor(s). Once you have located the sensor(s), there are two ways to test the product:
    1) You can insert a coin into the slots located on the top of the sensor and wait for the valve to close.
    2) You can wet the bottom of the sensor probes with your finger, a sponge, towel etc.
    If everything is working correctly, the Leak Controller or AquaGate should beep 4 times, flash the LED, and close the valve. If it is not working correctly, change the batteries and retest. If the sensor test continues to fail, check the sensor connections to make sure they are connected to the probes and circuit board.
  • How long do the batteries last?
  • The product is designed such that the theoretical battery life is 4 years. The controller will consume more power during an alarm, and thus we recommend changing the batteries every 2 years. Should you forget about the unit and the battery power reaches 85 % of capacity, the unit will alarm as if it has a leak. Check for a leak, if the sensor is dry and there is no leak, it is time to change the batteries. We have purposely allowed for adequate remaining power so the alarm will continue for months due to a low battery condition.
  • What if the controller is beeping?
  • If the unit is beeping, there are 3 possible causes:
    You have either had a leak, the batteries are low, or it has not been tested for two years. If you have had a leak, dry the sensor, fix the leak, and hold the button above the LED light down until the Light stays lit and you hear a beep. If you do not have a leak, and the Leak Controller has been in service for close to two years, hold the button above the LED down until the Light comes on and the Leak Controller beeps. If the Leak Controller has been in service for more than two years and a leak is not present, change the batteries and return the valve to the green position.
  • Will the sensor detect a small leak? And how do I ensure against false alarms?
  • Each application is different and you should experiment with sensor placement to determine the best position. This usually only takes a few minutes. If you are unsure or you have a larger area to protect, we recommend using multiple sensors in series connected to one Leak Controller. There is no limit to the number of sensors that can be attached to one Leak Controller.

    If you wish to detect small leaks or there is an uneven surface, we recommend using the absorbent towel provided with the Leak Controller under the sensor. In our tests, the sensor easily detects just a few drops of water on the paper towel. If you are concerned about false alarms, use the sensor without the paper towel.
  • How do I ensure the sensor remains flat in a crowded under sink environment?
  • First, make certain the sensor wires are straightened to remove kinks from the shipping process. If sensor stability is still a concern, or there is concern for the sensor movement by the user, the sensor can be fastened to the surface by a clip that has double-sided tape on the bottom that you can slip the sensor wire through. The clips can be found at most home improvement or electronics stores. The fastening device should not be metal or interfere with the metal strips on the sensor. Ensure that the sensor lies flat and is not raised off the surface once installation is complete.
  • LCS Series Service Reminder Set and Clear:
  • Step1: Confirm unit valve (knob) is in the open (green) position
  • Step 2: Push and hold button down for 2 seconds (2 flashes) and push the right side manual close button (this closes the valve). Release the button.
  • Step 3: Unit will confirm by beep and flash sequence (factory default is 1 flash, off).
    Beep/Flash Sequence:
    1 = off
    2 = 6 month service reminder
    3 = 12 month service reminder
    4 = 18 month service reminder
  • Step 4: Press the button and the unit will cycle to the number of beep/flash. Note: Continuous pressing of the button will cycle to the beginning 1 flash and so on...
  • Step5: After stopping on desired beep/flash number, manually open the valve to set (turn knob handle to green position). The service reminder is now set.

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