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Water Glossary: L

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Laminar Flow The flow of fluid in which the flow paths are in smooth, parallel lines, with essentially no mixing and no turbulence.
Langelier's Index A calculated number used to predict whether or not a water will precipitate, be in equilibrium with, or dissolve calcium carbonate. It is sometimes erroneously assumed that any water which tends to dissolve calcium carbonate is automatically corrosive.
Las Abbreviation for "Linear Alkyl Sulfonate".
Lead This odorless and tasteless chemical can leach into water from the corrosion of household plumbing systems or from the erosion of natural deposits. According to the definition in California Proposition 65, may lead to elevated blood pressure levels and/or kidney damage in adults. If ingested regularly by children, lead may cause delays in physical or mental development.
Leakage The presence of a consistent concentration of ions in the effluent of an ion exchange system due to incomplete removal of the ions; caused by incomplete regeneration, excessive flow rates, low temperatures, the concentration or characteristics of the influent ions, or other factors. (See hardness leakage.)
Lime The common name for calcium oxide (CAO); hydrated lime is calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2.
Lime Scale Hard water scale containing a high percentage of calcium carbonate.
Limestone A sedimentary rock, largely calcium carbonate, and usually also containing significant amounts of magnesium carbonate.
Linear Alkyl Sulfonate A term applied to a family of straight chain chemical compounds, widely used as detergents; sometimes called "soft" detergents because they are more readily degraded to simpler substances by biological action than the previously used alkyl benzene sulfonate. (See detergent, alkyl benzene sulfonate.)
Liter The basic metric unit of volume; 3.785 liters equal 1 U.S. gallon; 1 liter of water weighs 1000 grams.