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WaterFilters.NET is the premier choice for equipment sales, service and support of commercial and industrial water treatment, wastewater, water filtration and water purification systems. We partner with our customers to engineer cost effective water treatment systems that are customized to your requirements. We provide ongoing service, support and maintenance on the water treatment systems we sell and install. We're available around the clock to ensure your water system installation performs to specification.

Water Treatment & Wastewater Equipment Services

Water Treatment & Wastewater Services

  • Audits, Testing and Performance Analysis
  • Pilot Studies
  • Custom Design & Manufacturing
  • Turn-key Installation & Contracting
  • Operator Education & Training
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Emergency On-site Service
  • General Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Membrane & Media Cleaning
  • Remote Monitoring Sanitization (high purity loops)
  • Equipment Rentals

Water Treatment & Wastewater Systems

Water Filtration

WaterFilters.NET offers a complete line of filtration systems, designed and manufactured for commercial and industrial applications. Many of our filter systems are available on either single or modular steel frame skids, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and ready for final installation.

Water Softening & Bulk Brine Storage

From small commercial units to large industrial configurations, we have a water softeners and polishers system to match any need. Our single, twin and triple systems range from 30,000 grains to 3,000,000 grains, with flows to 600 gpm per vessel. Larger units or custom designs are our specialty. As with our line of filters, we offer virtually all of our softeners with an optional skid-mounting package (pre-piped and pre-wired), which makes installation quick and easy. In addition, for those who use large quantities of salt, we provide turnkey bulk brine systems which eliminate the need for handling, while significantly lowering salt costs.

Brine Recovery & Filtration

Our unique brine filtration and recovery systems lead the market with advanced technology. With exciting innovations for water softening systems, we help prevent costly repairs and downtime, while significantly lowering salt costs. Our systems often pay for themselves in a matter of months!

Reverse Osmosis

f you are looking to cut water treatment costs or need high purity water, WaterFilters.NET has the right system for you. Reverse Osmosis uses advanced synthetic membrane elements for the removal of salts and impurities from water. We are a leader in the development of reverse osmosis treatment systems, with installations in every configuration imaginable. Our high quality membrane systems are used in everything from boiler treatment to food processing, electronics, plating and manufacturing applications, and humidification makeup.


If your process requires an extremely high quality of water, WaterFilters.NET has a packaged demineralizer system to suit your requirements. Our products offer the latest in ion exchanger technology. In addition, we use only the finest grades of ion exchange resins and materials. Our goal is to provide you with the proper balance of robust hardware and reliable operation.

Portable Exchange Systems

WaterFilters.NET offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations, to meet the needs of any application or process. Our state-of-the-art regeneration plant ensures that each regenerated batch of media yields maximum throughput performance. Furthermore, all freshly regenerated media must pass a litany of quality control tests, before it is certified for field use. This rigorous process ensures that our customers consistently receive the highest quality exchange product. Unlike some of our competitors, we DO NOT engage in regenerating resins exposed to wastewater or undesirable elements.

Water Dealkalizers & Desilicizers

If you are searching for an efficient means of reducing alkalinity or silica, we have a dealkalizer or desilicizer system that works for you. Our products offer the latest in ion exchange technologies. We use only the highest-quality American made resins and materials. Our goal is to provide you with the proper balance of robust hardware and reliable operation.

Ultrapure Systems (UPW)

Our engineering and fabrication of specialized, ultrapure water systems is second to none. Whether it's USP 24 quality for pharmaceutical applications, or ASTM E1 grade water for semiconductor processes, we have the experience to develop the right solution for any need. Simply specify your effluent requirements, and we'll do the rest!

Process Controls

We offer a wide variety of standard and custom control systems, designed to provide functionality and reliability. Whether you're looking to retrofit existing electro-mechanical controls, or require new, state-of-the-art PLC systems, our process automation team will design a configuration tailored for your situation. Our control panels are fabricated in strict accordance with UL standards, one of the few water treatment companies to go through the U.L. certification process.

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For more information on our water treatment products and services, please contact a sales representative at 507-884-9126 or commercial@waterfilters.net, or fill out this form and we'll get back to you.