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Tier1 KDF-SHF KDF55 Shower Filter

KDF-55 Filter Media; Disposable Inline Filter

WaterFilters.NET KDF-SHF-WF KDF55 Shower Filter and KDF 55 Shower Filters KDFSHFWF
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Product Code: TIER1-KDF-SHF
Retail Price: $39.99
  • Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Features:
  • The Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF is a shower filter with 100% KDF-55 media for chlorine taste and odor reduction.
  • Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF is a high quality and user friendly in-line shower filters.
  • The shower filter will not rust or corrode.
  • The KDF-55 shower filter from Tier1 leaves your skin and hair softer.
  • The bacteriostatic filter will retard the growth of bacteria within your shower head.
  • For best results, flow should not exceed 2.5 GPM at 60 psi.
  • If necessary, replace your existing showerhead with a water saving head with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM or less.
  • Why do I need a shower filter?
    Contaminants and chlorine byproducts can enter our bodies through the skin via the water in which we shower. Our lungs absorb toxic fumes from the gaseous chlorine byproducts that are released in a steamy shower. Chlorine in shower water can strip protein from our hair and skin causing dry, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and dandruff.
  • Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Specs:
  • Length: The length of the filter is 5" including the threads. The threads are 0.5" which leaves the actual installed length of the filter at 4.5".
  • Diameter: 2-5/8"
  • UPC: 689466299328
  • Manufacturer: Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF
  • Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Replacement Information:
  • Replace the filter approximately every year. The entire filter is replaced.
  • Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Installation Instructions:
  • Remove existing showerhead.
  • Attach existing showerhead to new Tier1 KDF-SHF-WF KDF55 shower filter.
  • Install new filter and head to shower pipe.
  • Rotate date indicator to show date of installation.
  • Under normal conditions, replace the filter on an annual basis.
  • NOTE: Hand tighten to avoid cross threading when connecting metal threads to your KDF-SHF-WF shower filter.

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