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Teledyne Waterpik IF-35 Inline Water Filter for Lead Reduction

1/4" Quick Connect; Replaces the Teledyne Waterpik IR-30, IF-30, IF-30A, IF-31

Waterpik IF-35 Inline Water Filter and Teledyne Waterpik IF35 Water Filters for the Waterpik IR-30
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Product Code: WATERPIK-IF-35
  • Waterpik IF-35 Inline Water Filter:
  • The Teledyne Waterpik IF-35 reduces chlorine taste and odor, lead, bad taste & odor, cysts, and nominal particulates from your drinking water.
  • The IF-35 high surface area for maximum adsorption.
  • The Waterpik IF-35 fits inline on most refrigerators.
  • This Teledyne Waterpik Inline Drinking Water Filter features state of the art technology that ensures a leak-proof seal.
  • The IF-35 is NSF certified for the removal of :
  • 97% of Chlorine
  • 99% of Lead
  • 99.99% of Cysts
  • 97% of Particulates
  • Manufacturer: Waterpik IF-35
  • The Waterpik IF35 filter is interchangeable with these water filters:
  • The obsolete Waterpik IR-30.
  • The IF-35 replaces the old IR-30 system. Simply disconnect the old system and replace it with the Waterpik IF-35 water filter. The fittings from the old system can be thrown away because the IF-35 has built-in 1/4" quick connect fittings. The IF-35 is a completely different system and it entirely replaces the IR-30.
  • The Teledyne Waterpik IF35 also replaces the discontinued IF-30, IF-30A, IF-31 inline water filters.
  • To replace the IF-35, just disconnect your current IF-35 and replace it with a new IF-35.
  • Waterpik IF35 Replacement Information:
  • Easy to install inline water filter system. The Waterpik IF-35 can be installed behind your refrigerator or in the basement leading to your refrigerator.
  • The Waterpik IF-35 water filter life is up to 6 months or 750 gallons. The water filter life also depends on the quality of your water.

This item has been discontinued