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ZeroWater Filter Interview Part One Video

Karl: Welcome to Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Iím your guest host Karl and with me today is Bob Roney from ZeroWater.

Bob: Thank you, Karl.

Karl: Thanks for being with us today.

Bob: Glad to be here.

Karl: Bob, tell me a little bit more about ZeroWater.

Bob: Zerowater, we entered the water filtration business about 3 years ago. And, the pour-through device portion of water filtration business has been in retail for better than 20 years. And a lot of people have gotten in and gotten out of it. But they basically have all used the same technology. The Zerowater has gotten in with a brand new technology that weíve introduced to pour-through devices which is ion exchange which is a way that we can allow the consumer to remove all the dissolved solids, virtually all the dissolved solids from the tap water.

Karl: Okay. So if I understand correctly, the previous generation of pitcher filters that are on the market are primarily a two stage carbon filter.

Bob: Actually, if you take a look at the filters: the filters that are on the market today are basically two stage or three stage activated carbon filters. And those, that technology allows you to remove about 50-60% of dissolved solids in the water. We do the exact same thing that the competitors do on the front end; we have a two stage activated carbon filter. But the difference is in this red area which is ion exchange. And the ion exchange process allows us to--any dissolved solid that makes it through the activated carbon portion, then gets, goes through the ion exchange process and actually any dissolved solid they actually gets chemically exchanged for hydrogen and oxygen, so you're basically turning it into pure water. And the result is, you take your TDS down to where you get a reading of 000. And our position has always been the higher the TDS the harder your water, the worse it tastes. The lower your TDS, if you can get your TDS down to zero, it tastes better.

Karl: And not only does it taste better but you are removing a whole host of harmful contaminants that could essentially affect peopleís health.

Bob: Yes. The product comes with a meter, a third party meter that measures the ďparts per millionĒ amount of dissolved solids. But to your point, Karl: it doesn't say what solids are in there. So there could be good minerals, there could be bad minerals. One thing about ZeroWater is we are the only pour-through device certified to remove chromium-6. Weíre the only pour-through device certified to remove lead and mercury, and that gives us a huge advantage.

Karl: Absolutely. And I understand that the Environmental Working Group has done some reports on chromium 6. Do you want to say a little more about that?

Bob: Yes, the Environmental Working Group is a group that works closely with the EPA, and they produced a water study earlier this year and 88% of the cities that they tested water had excess levels of chromium 6. Chromium 6 is the carcinogen from, if you remember the movie Erin BrockovichÖ

Karl: I do.

Bob: where Pacific Gas and Electric had this stuff sweeping through, and it causes cancer. We are, like I said, we are the only pour-through device certified to remove chromium 6. Reverse osmosis is another way that you can also remove chromium 6.

Karl: Okay, that's fantastic. So essentially in terms of filter pitchers and dispensers, Zero water: how does it compare to, say, reverse osmosis systems that someone might have under their sink?

Bob: Well, we basically love to be compared to reverse osmosis, because at the end of the day we're giving you reverse osmosis quality for a fraction of price. Our 23-cup dispenser retails for $39.99, our 8-cup pitcher retails for $34.99. Both of them come with this third party meter, which, by the way, retails for $25.

Karl: So, thatís quite a deal.

Bob: Itís a great value proposition, and we're able to give you the performance of a much more expensive ROl system. Itís very, very good.

Karl: Yes. You mentioned the pitcher and the dispenser. Say a little more about some of the unique features that are really handy.

Bob: The one is ZD-013 is an 8-cup pitcher. We did incorporate one unique feature and it has a spigot. So you donít have to lift when it's full, itís pretty heavy. So you donít have to lift it up, you can slide it over to the edge of the refrigerator, and just hit the spigot and go from there.

Karl: Yes, I love that.

Bob: So this actually come with one filter, and like I said, it also comes with the TDS meter. Our 23-cup product, which is slightly less than 2.5 gallons, is the largest capacity dispenser on the market. Our competitors out there have an 18-cup. And it does have a unique feature, you can see here, the bottom is angled at three degrees, so this will automatically dispense to zero. So, the competitorís product--when it gets down to the very bottom--to get it empty, you actually have to pull it out of the fridge, lift it and tilt it. The other thing it has are these feet. At the bottom here. And you can basically take this, slide it to the edge of your refrigerator shelf. The feet will hook on there. And we use the weight of the filter back here as a counterbalance, so you never have to take it out of your refrigerator. You can just pour in the water from here and, filter from there, which is a nice feature. And we also, incorporated a meter holder on the front of it, so you always have a place to store your meter.

Karl: Yeah, yeah, I like how slim and compact it is. And youíve really thought through some of the things that can be really bulky and awkward at times. You've really eliminated all that.

Bob: Itís narrow but tall, so the footprint it takes up in your refrigerator is not that big.

Karl: Great.

See further details and purchase ZeroWater filter products here.