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BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter with Compressed Carbon Block Cartridge

Cuno CFS-8812-X 56011-01, CFS 8112 55817-05 Compatible

BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter with Compressed Carbon Block Cartridge
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Product Code: BEVGUARD-BGC-2200
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter with Compressed Carbon Block:
  • The compressed carbon block acts as a sponge to remove impurities and sediments present in your water.
  • The BGC-2200 is also effective in removing chlorine taste and odor.
  • The BGC-2200 water filter acts on minerals which are harmful to our health leaving good minerals intact.
  • This filter should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter.
  • This filter has been tested against ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for material requirements only.
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 offers you protection up to twelve months.
  • The BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter is an economical and effective tool to get clean, clear and better tasting water.
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter Reduces:
  • Sediment particulate & impurities
  • Chlorine, taste, and odor
  • Harmful minerals only
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter Specs:
  • Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 3 3/16" (31.1cm x 8.1 cm)
  • Min Operating Pressure: 25 psi (1.7 bar)
  • Max Operating Pressure: 125 psi - (8.6 bar)
  • Operating Temperature: 35-100° F (1.7° C - 38° C)
  • Flow Rate: 1.67 gpm/6.32 lpm
  • Life: 12 months or 10,000 gal (37,854 liters)
  • Filtration Types: Carbon block filter
  • Manufacturer: BevGuard BGC-2200
  • The BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter:
  • Has a life of up to 12 months or 10,000 gal (37,854 liters) depending upon water conditions.
  • The BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter replaces the following filters:
  • 3M™/Cuno® CFS-8812-X 56011-01
  • 3M™/Cuno® CFS 8112 55817-05
  • 3M™/Cuno® CS-12 55895-03
  • 3M™/Cuno® CS-22 55895-07
  • 3M™/Cuno® CS-32 55817-23
  • 3M™/Cuno® CS-72 55895-06
  • Everpure MD-HN EV9610-04
  • Everpure PRO3500 EV9300-35
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Water Filter Manual:
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Manual
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Brochure
  • BevGuard BGC-2200 Spec Sheet
    (Download Adobe Reader)

  • Installation Instructions:
  • Turn off inlet water to the filter system
  • Turn off equipment receiving water if recommended by the manufacturer
  • Depressurize the system
  • To remove, turn the filter cartridge counter clock wise until the filter comes loose from the head connector
  • Locate the replacement cartridge and remove from packaging
  • Insert cartridge end into the head. Insure that the filter is pressed completely into the head and turn clockwise until the filter stops turning
  • Continue to replace additional cartridges if needed
  • Turn on supply water slowly to the system
  • Check for leaks at filter connection

  • Note: Carbon fines may be present in the water. After installation flush cartridge for 5 minutes before using the water.
    Replace filters annually (Note that filters may need to be replaced sooner due to water conditions)
    Warning: Do not use this device on microbiologically unsafe water or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
    Caution: Do not allow the filter to freeze, which can cause structural damage the housing which may cause a water leak.
    Note: Make sure that the installation complies with all state and local laws and regulations.
    The replacement cartridges in this system have a limited service life. Changes in taste, odor, color and flow of the water being filtered indicate that one or all of the cartridges need to be replaced. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by these cartridges are not necessarily in the water supply. To understand your water better request a current analysis from your local water municipality or have a private analysis conducted by a reputable water testing lab. After prolonged periods of non-use it is recommended that the system be flushed thoroughly and the system may benefit from a filter change.

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