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DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water System

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DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water System

The DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water System is no longer available
The DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water Generator creates drinking water from moisture in the air. There are 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water in the atmosphere at any one time. This amount of fresh water doesn't change. The DewPointe extracts this water from the air, creating pure drinking water. The DewPointe AD6W Water System features innovative green technology and vital health benefits. The DewPointe Atmospheric Water System is energy efficient, compact, easy to install, has a minimal carbon footprint and requires no external water source other than the moisture in the air. The DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water Generator is about the size of a small office water cooler and condenses the moisture in the air, filters the collected water through a five-stage filtration system and stores the water in hot and cold dispensers. The dewpointe water system only requires a standard electrical outlet. And the cost averages out to be less than 60 cents per gallon. DewPointe water is 99.99% free of all chemicals, solids, and contaminants. The dewpointe Atmospheric Water System features a 5 stage filtration system: Electrostatic Filter, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Post-Carbon Block Filter and Ultraviolet 11w UV. The electrostatic air filter removes dust, pollen, mold and other airborne contaminants as moisture-packed air enters the Dewpointe. The airflow is rapidly chilled to 'dew point'--the temperature at which air transforms from a gas to liquid. The DewPointe's powerful specialized 11-watt UV light sanitation system destroys bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. The DewPointe features a patented refresh cycle that completely cleanses and purifies all the water in the unit every 24 hours. As temperature and humidity increase, the water production rate also increases. At 70 F and 60% relative humidity, the DewPointe will create more than 4 gallons of pure water every day. At 85 F and 80% humidity, the Dewpointe will extract more than 9 gallons of pure drinking water every day. (Makes an average of 2-5 gallons per day.). The Dewpointe AD6W Atmospheric Water Generator provides instant hot or cold water on demand. The DewPointe carries the CE, ETL, ISO-9000, WQA and ROHRS certifications. Also, the DewPointe is the only atmospheric water system in the world to be fully certified by the FDA. The DewPointe AD6W Water System is easy to use and install. No Plumbing required. The DewPointe may be installed into any 110 V electrical outlet in the house. In less than 15 minutes from the time it comes out of the box the DewPointe will charge and within 24 hours the DewPointe will fill its reservoirs with pure drinking water. The DewPointe also features a Four (4) stage SLO FLO water filtration system and a patented continual water recirculation filtration system. Dewpointe water filtration systems have childproof hot water safety guard spigots and an LED picture function display. DewPointe also has an optional auxiliary water intake valve that enables an endless water supply. The DewPointe has automatic shut down and alarm systems to detect any possible water leaks. The dewpointe just pure water AD6W system has Ultraviolet (UV) indicator lights and auto shut down alarm in the event of UV failure. The AD6W System features an easy-to-change, slide-thru electrostatic filter and quick connect UV replacement bulbs. The DewPointe AD6W has gravity fed dispensers that will continue to supply water in the event of a power outage. The DewPointe is environmentally friendly and uses less energy to produce water than standard bottling or desalination processes and it eliminates plastic bottle waste. The DewPointe also reduces carbon emissions caused by the transportation and production of bottled and packaged water. It uses a completely renewable source of water without depleting natural resources or damaging the environment.
  • DewPointe AD6W Water Generator Specs:
  • Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 43"
  • Color: Arctic White
  • Weight: 120 pounds (50 kg) empty
  • Weight: 186 pounds (68 kg) full
  • Refrigerant: R134 (environmentally friendly)
  • Water Making Capacity: 2-13 Gallons (8-48 liters) per day depending on temperature and humidity
  • Compressor Power Consumption: 471 W (making and chilling water)
  • Hot Water Heater Power Consumption: 300 W
  • Main Reservoir Water Storage Capacity: 6.6 gallons (25 liters)
  • Evaporation Collection Water Tank Water Storage Capacity: .5 gallons (2 liters)
  • Hot Water Tank Water Storage Capacity: .5 gallons (2 liters)
  • Cold Water Tank Water Storage Capacity: .5 gallons (2 liters)
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