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4204490 Sub-Zero Refrigerator Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Designed for use in Sub-Zero Refrigerator Model: 4290510

4204490 Sub-Zero Refrigerator Water Filter and Sub-Zero Refrigerator Model No: 4290510 Replacement Filter
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Product Code: SUBZERO-4204490

Sub-Zero 4204490 Refrigerator Water Filter:

  • The 4204490 Filter is designed for the PRO 48 Refrigeration System.
  • The Sub Zero 4204490 can produce great tasting ice for up to one year with continuous use of the ice maker.

The 4204490 Sub Zero Replacement Filter Reduces:

  • 99.99% of Asbestos
  • 77.77% of Atrazine
  • 92.14% of Benzene
  • 98.76% of Carbofuran
  • 96.80% of Chlorine
  • 99.99% of Cysts
  • 99.75% of 1, 4-Dichlorbenzene
  • 99.34% of Lead at pH 6.5
  • 99.33% of Lead at pH 8.5
  • 96.50% of Lindane
  • 91.66% of Mercury at pH 6.5
  • 75.00% of Mercury at pH 8.5
  • 98.78% of Particulates
  • 93.33% of Toxaphene
  • 95.42% of Turbidity
  • Does NOT remove Fluoride

The 4204490 Filter Specs:

  • Filter Life: 12 months or 750 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 0.78 gallons per minute (2.9 liters per minute)
  • Operating Pressure: 35-120 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33-100°F (0.6-38°C)
  • Approximate Size: 2-1/8" (Diameter) x 11-1/2" (Length)
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.

  • NSF Certified to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53
  • Manufacturer: Sub-Zero 4204490

Sub-Zero 4204490 Refrigerator Filter Replaces:

  • 4290510
  • PRO 48
  • SGF-ZS48

4204490 Sub Zero Filter Cartridge Instructions:

1. Lift the top grille assembly to access the water filter cartridge. To lift the grille, pull out on the bottom edge of the grille and tilt the grille frame forward.
2.Slowly rotate the water filter cartridge one-quarter turn counterclockwise to disengage. Gently twist until the cartridge is free form the base. DO NOT PULL. There will be water in the filter cartridge, so it is normal for a small amount of water to spill out.
3. Remove the cap from the replacement water filter cartridge.
4. Line up the cartridge so that the locking tabs can be inserted into the filter head.
5. Rotate the filter cartridge into the base approximately one-quarter turn clockwise until it stops. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
6. After the new filter cartridge is installed, the first full bucket of ice produced should be discarded. This will help clean the water system and clear air from the line. Allow 24 hours before discarding the first bucket of ice.

PRO 48 Refrigeration Use & Care Guide

  • Page 11 of Guide has Filter Replacement instructions/pictures
  • Page 25 lists contaminants removed with the Sub-Zero 4204490 Water Filter

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