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WSCMT100-4UPS Metered Water Softener

Price $100.00
Availability: - Free Shipping
The SFT-100DM-WF Water Softener features a Vortech Mineral Tank which does not require gravel underbedding. Also, riser tubes are permanently attached. The SFT-100DM-WF has a Clack five button CK10 Valve Head. The SFT-100DM-WF Water Treatment System includes Float Valve to prevent brine water overflow and a bypass valve. The Brine tank comes assembled with fittings. SFT-100DM-WF Water Conditioning Systems come unassembled with easy instructions. Caution: Not intended to be used to treat water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Complete system includes bypass, brine tank, and safety float.


  1. Fill Vortech Mineral Tank with Resin (riser tube is already installed)
  2. Remove tank from carton. Make sure riser tube is properly connected to Vortech plate
  3. Place funnel (provided) on top of tank. Pour resin or media into mineral tank. Remove funnel. Remove tape from the red protective cap, used to seal the riser tube. Discard tape and cap
  4. Remove valve and components from carton. Lubricate distributor and tank o-ring. Install upper basket onto valve. Install bypass on valve. Install valve on mineral tank
  5. Place system in a sheltered area, so it will not be exposed to rain or weather. Connect incoming water to inlet of valve. Connect house supply line to outlet of valve. Connect 5/8-inch drain tubing to valve and drain
  6. Connect 3/8-inch tubing to valve and brine tank
  7. Complete 'start-up' settings. Follow other directions in Manual (provided)