251SXTPX9-1BP / IRON-100DM Tier1 Iron Reduction Pyrolox Media Backwash Water Filter System

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The IRON-100DM-WF Fleck 2510sxt Backwash Water Filter contains 1.0 cubic foot of Pyrolox Iron Reduction Media. The IRON-100DM-WF has a Fleck 2510sxt Digital Metered valve head. The IRON-100DM-WF will reduce up to 5 ppm of Iron. The IRON-100DM-WF will also handle Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell).
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Media Pyrolox
Flow Rate (gpm) 9
Flow Rate (lpm) 34.07
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product

Reduced Contaminants

User Guide


  1. Ensure you are ware of local code requirements
  2. Ensure you have all necessary tools
  3. Cover the riser pipe to prevent gravel or media from entering during the filling process
  4. Load the gravel sub bed
  5. Load the filtration media
  6. Remove the covering placed on the riser pipe

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