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Pentek 151117 Viton O-Ring for All Natural Polypropylene Housings

Price $22.99
Availability: In Stock
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  • 1 Filter $22.99  
  • 3 Filters Price $21.63 each
  • 6 Filters Price $20.69 each
The Pentek 151117 number 241 Viton Gasket should be used with Pentek, USFilter, Plymouth Products, and Ametek 150150, 150132, 150154, 150134, 150156, 150135, 150158, and 150141 All Natural Pure Poly Commercial Industrial Housings. The Pentek 151117 O-Ring fits number 10, number 12, and number 20 all natural polypropylene housings. The Pentek 151117 o-ring seals the housing sump to the housing cap to prevent leaks. It is important to keep the o-ring lubricated with silicone grease.
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Pentek
Manufacturer's Id 151117
UPC 051678511176
Materials of Construction Viton

Reduced Contaminants

The PENTEK-151117 is comparable with the following part numbers

Pentek #10
Pentek #12
Pentek #20


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