3M Filtrete Water Pitcher Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the 3M Filtrete water pitcher. Now, this is a very well designed pitcher and it has a number of unique features that I’d like to point out. For starters, it is 100% BPA free. Now, you’ll notice this pitcher does not have a large reservoir on the top half of the pitcher; that is because it utilizes a fast flow, granular activated carbon filter that will very quickly allow your water through the filter into the holding reservoir. It doesn’t need a large space on top where water can sit while it slowly works its’ way through the filter. Now, what this does for you is it allows you more filtered water in a smaller space. This twelve cup vessel is designed to fit into the same space as a gallon of milk in your refrigerator. Now, as I indicated, it does have a granular activated carbon filter and that filter is WQA certified to NSF Standard 42, and it will remove chlorine taste and odor and sediment for up to approximately 100 gallons. In fact, each filter that you use will prevent approximately 3,000 plastic bottles from entering landfills every year. This is a great way to make an eco-friendly choice, avoid plastic water bottles, and give yourself healthy, safe, good tasting drinking water. It is the 3M Filtrete water pitcher, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the 3M Filtrete Water Pitcher here.